vg|EBU Olympiad Open Trials,Stanza 5,I,1,16,Black,174,Phoenix,113| rs|3DE=,3DE=,6DN=,6DS=,6SW-1,7CSx-4,4SN-1,4SN-1,6NS-1,6NN-1,6HN-1,6HN-1,1NW-3,2SW-4,3CW+1,3NE-3,3NE=,3NE+1,3NN+2,3NN=,4HS+1,6HN=,4CS=,4HW-1,4HW+1,4HW+1,6DN-1,3NS+3,3NS-1,3NS-1,3NN+1,3NN+1| pn|McIntosh,Tiholov,King,Gold M,Croswell,Townsend,Thrower,Handley-Pr|pg|| qx|o1|st||md|3SJT98HAQ87DQ5C982,SA6HK94DAT974CK54,SQ532HJ65D2CAQJT6,SK74HT32DKJ863C73|sv|o|mb|1C|nt|Walddk2: Poor Nicole.|pg|| mb|1D|mb|d|mb|2C|mb|2S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|3D|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|sJ|mc|9|pg|| qx|c1|st||md|3SJT98HAQ87DQ5C982,SA6HK94DAT974CK54,SQ532HJ65D2CAQJT6,SK74HT32DKJ863C73|sv|o|mb|1C|mb|1D|mb|d|mb|2C|mb|p|mb|3D|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|sJ|mc|9|pg|| qx|o2|st||md|4SQ42HAK5DT94CK754,S875HQJ9763D52CQT,SKJ63H2DAKQJ7CA82,SAT9HT84D863CJ963|sv|n|mb|p|mb|1C|mb|2H|mb|d|mb|3H|nt|Walddk2: Pass Pass dbl presumably|pg|| nt|aardv: Good morning|pg|| mb|p|mb|p|mb|d|nt|Walddk2: Hi Paul|pg|| mb|p|mb|3N|mb|p|nt|aardv: Hello Roland|pg|| mb|4D|mb|p|mb|4H|mb|p|mb|6D|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|hT|nt|aardv: Black have a handy lead with 48 boards to play, but Phoenix picked up 38 in one set yesterday, so this is far from over|pg|| nt|Walddk2: As the cards lie 6@D makes. SDAM again.|pg|| pc|hK|pc|h3|pc|h2|pg|| pc|s2|pc|s8|pc|sK|pc|sA|pg|| pc|h8|pc|hA|pc|h6|pc|c8|pg|| nt|aardv: you'd like to keep the possibility of ruffing the fourth spade in dummy if someone is 2-2 in the majors|pg|| nt|aardv: but can you persuade Axxx of spades not to duck the first round|pg|| nt|aardv: i meant 2-2 in spades and diamonds|pg|| nt|Walddk2: Yes, two rounds of trumps and when both follow to two rounds of spades you can draw the last trump and claim.|pg|| pc|d4|pc|d2|pc|dA|pc|d3|pg|| nt|Walddk2: Textbook hand really.|pg|| pc|dK|pc|d6|pc|d9|pc|d5|pg|| pc|d7|pc|d8|pc|dT|pc|cT|pg|| pc|c4|pc|cQ|pc|cA|pc|c3|pg|| nt|Walddk2: Or is clubs 3-3 better?|pg|| pc|c2|pc|c6|pc|cK|pc|h7|pg|| pc|c5|nt|Walddk2: or a squeeze ...|pg|| pc|h9|pc|dJ|pc|c9|pg|| pc|dQ|pc|h4|pc|h5|pc|s5|pg|| pc|s3|pc|sT|pc|sQ|pc|s7|pg|| mc|12|pg|| qx|c2|st||md|4SQ42HAK5DT94CK754,S875HQJ9763D52CQT,SKJ63H2DAKQJ7CA82,SAT9HT84D863CJ963|sv|n|mb|p|mb|1N|mb|p|mb|2C|mb|p|mb|2D|mb|p|mb|3D|mb|p|mb|3H|mb|p|mb|3S|an|cue|mb|p|nt|vugraphzaj: hi all|pg|| mb|3N|an|half spade stop|mb|p|mb|4C|mb|p|mb|4H|mb|p|mb|6D|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|hJ|nt|Cantorm: Good morning everyone, hello Tracy|pg|| pc|h2|pc|h4|pc|hA|pg|| nt|Cantorm: good slam well bid|pg|| pc|s2|nt|Cantorm: 3-3 either black suit is good enough|pg|| pc|s5|pc|sK|pc|sA|pg|| pc|sT|nt|Cantorm: or @sAx in the right place|pg|| pc|sQ|pc|s8|pc|s3|pg|| pc|d4|pc|d2|pc|dA|pc|d3|pg|| pc|dK|pc|d6|pc|d9|pc|d5|pg|| pc|sJ|pc|s9|pc|s4|pc|s7|pg|| mc|12|pg|| qx|o3|st||md|1S87HTDKJ32CAK9853,SKT96532HK62DT5CQ,SHJ98754D9764CT72,SAQJ4HAQ3DAQ8CJ64|sv|e|mb|1C|mb|1S|mb|p|mb|2C|mb|d|nt|Walddk2: Here is a slam on a finesse. No luck.|pg|| nt|aardv: Phil King's line is better|pg|| nt|aardv: if they don't lead clubs you can make it on a strip-squeeze|pg|| mb|4S|mb|5C|mb|6S|nt|aardv: but they will lead clubs|pg|| mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|aardv: then you have a trump squeeze instead, with @D10 as a threat|pg|| pc|c2|nt|bobholl: isn't it normal that the openingsbidder has the missing king ?|pg|| pc|c4|pc|cA|pc|cQ|pg|| nt|aardv: come down to @DA @CJx in dummy, S!2 and @D10x in hand|pg|| pc|s7|pc|s2|nt|aardv: and guess which honour South has bared|pg|| pc|h9|pc|sA|pg|| nt|aardv: declarer may well play this line since the diamond finesse looks unlikely|pg|| pc|sQ|pc|s8|pc|s3|pc|h4|pg|| pc|sJ|pc|c3|nt|aardv: you need to cash the spades (bar one) before the hearts, to end in dummy|pg|| pc|s5|nt|bobholl: he migth find it much better than the @D finesse which is surely wrong|pg|| pc|h8|pg|| pc|s4|pc|d3|pc|sT|pc|d7|pg|| pc|sK|pc|c7|pc|h3|pc|c5|pg|| nt|pelu: Hi all|pg|| pc|h2|nt|aardv: discarding a heart from dummy is wrong|pg|| nt|bobholl: oh oh the @H too early|pg|| pc|h5|pc|hQ|pc|hT|pg|| pc|c6|nt|aardv: because you need to cash the hearts ending in dummy|pg|| pc|c8|pc|s6|pc|cT|pg|| nt|aardv: he had to led the diamonds go|pg|| pc|h6|pc|h7|pc|hA|pc|c9|pg|| pc|cJ|pc|cK|pc|s9|nt|Walddk2: Hi Peter|pg|| pc|hJ|pg|| pc|hK|pc|d4|pc|d8|pc|d2|pg|| mc|11|nt|Walddk2: You missed the trump squeeze.|pg|| nt|Walddk2: So did I, and declarer.|pg|| pg|| qx|c3|st||md|1S87HTDKJ32CAK9853,SKT96532HK62DT5CQ,SHJ98754D9764CT72,SAQJ4HAQ3DAQ8CJ64|sv|e|mb|1C|nt|Cantorm: 50% slam|pg|| mb|1S|mb|p|mb|2C!|nt|Cantorm: less than 50 after opening bid|pg|| mb|3C|mb|4S|mb|4N|an|two places|nt|Cantorm: NS have 12 HCP but can make a lot of tricks in @cs|pg|| mb|6S|nt|Cantorm: 10 I think with DD defence and declarer play|pg|| nt|Cantorm: tempting to save, but you have madde the opposition guess|pg|| mb|7C|mb|d|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|Cantorm: still a good save if only game bid other room|pg|| pc|h2|pc|h4|pc|hA|pc|hT|pg|| pc|h3|pc|c3|pc|h6|pc|h5|pg|| pc|s7|pc|s2|pc|c2|pc|s4|pg|| pc|h7|pc|hQ|pc|c5|pc|hK|pg|| pc|s8|pc|s9|pc|c7|pc|sJ|pg|| pc|d4|pc|dA|pc|d2|pc|dT|pg|| pc|c4|pc|cA|pc|cQ|pc|cT|pg|| pc|cK|pc|d5|pc|d6|pc|c6|pg|| pc|dK|pc|s3|pc|d7|pc|d8|pg|| pc|d3|pc|s5|pc|d9|pc|dQ|pg|| pc|cJ|pc|c8|pc|s6|pc|h8|pg|| mc|9|pg|| qx|o4|st||md|2S94HK72DAJ85CK754,STHQ8654DQ2CAJT62,SAKQ87653HD74C983,SJ2HAJT93DKT963CQ|sv|b|mb|p|mb|4S|nt|Walddk2: Paul was on the money needless to say.|pg|| mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|cQ|pc|c4|pc|c2|pc|c3|pg|| pc|d6|pc|d5|pc|dQ|pc|d7|pg|| pc|cA|pc|c9|pc|h3|nt|aardv: one or two kibitzers were telling me you can make it|pg|| pc|c5|pg|| pc|cT|pc|c8|pc|s2|nt|Walddk2: This?|pg|| pc|c7|pg|| pc|hA|nt|aardv: the slam|pg|| mc|9|nt|bobholl: yes seeing 52 cards that is much simpler than seeing 26 cards|pg|| pg|| qx|c4|st||md|2S94HK72DAJ85CK754,STHQ8654DQ2CAJT62,SAKQ87653HD74C983,SJ2HAJT93DKT963CQ|sv|b|mb|p|mb|4S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|cQ|pc|c4|pc|c2|pc|c3|pg|| pc|d3|pc|dA|pc|d2|pc|d4|pg|| pc|h2|pc|h4|pc|s3|pc|h3|pg|| pc|sA|pc|s2|pc|s4|pc|sT|pg|| pc|sK|pc|sJ|pc|s9|pc|c6|pg|| pc|sQ|pc|hJ|pc|c5|nt|vugraphzaj: sorry, lost connection|pg|| mc|9|pg|| qx|o5|st||md|3ST65HAK43DAQ8CAQ5,S8HJT976D54CKJ984,SAKJ43HQDKT7CT732,SQ972H852DJ9632C6|sv|n|mb|1S|mb|p|mb|2C|mb|p|nt|Walddk2: On board 3 EW in the other room sacrified in 7@C, in theory the right decision.|pg|| nt|Walddk2: Not in practice as we saw.|pg|| mb|3H|an|splinter|mb|p|mb|3S|mb|p|nt|Walddk2: Is this the set of potential slams?|pg|| nt|bobholl: yes but only potential|pg|| mb|4D|mb|p|nt|bobholl: now S should realize there is a sure @C loser and find out about the missng @S Q|pg|| mb|4N|mb|p|mb|5H|mb|p|nt|aardv: better in practice and theory to pass and lead a diamond|pg|| nt|aardv: rather than save in 7@C on 3|pg|| mb|6N|mb|p|nt|Walddk2: If you look at the NS hands only you want to be in slam, don't you, Paul?|pg|| mb|p|mb|p|pc|hJ|pc|hQ|nt|aardv: i don't feel strongly about whether to be in it or not|pg|| pc|h8|pc|h4|pg|| pc|sA|pc|s2|pc|s6|pc|s8|pg|| pc|d7|nt|bobholl: 1 of 2 finesses is a 75% slam|pg|| pc|d6|pc|dQ|pc|d4|pg|| pc|sT|pc|c4|pc|s3|pc|sQ|pg|| pc|h5|pc|hA|pc|h6|pc|c2|pg|| nt|aardv: spades about 39% to play for five tricks. if not the club finesse is 50%. So at least 70%|pg|| nt|pelu: wrong tempo to a @c-@h squeeze against West|pg|| pc|hK|pc|h7|pc|c3|pc|h2|pg|| pc|s5|pc|c8|pc|sK|pc|s7|pg|| nt|aardv: ok, Roland is right, single dummy i want to be in slam|pg|| pc|sJ|pc|s9|pc|c5|pc|c9|pg|| pc|dT|pc|dJ|pc|dA|pc|d5|pg|| mc|11|nt|ritong: hello there :)|pg|| pg|| qx|c5|st||md|3ST65HAK43DAQ8CAQ5,S8HJT976D54CKJ984,SAKJ43HQDKT7CT732,SQ972H852DJ9632C6|sv|n|nt|vugraphzaj: players having a laugh because croswell was considering looking for slam|pg|| mb|1S|mb|p|mb|2C|mb|p|mb|3C|mb|p|mb|3S|mb|p|mb|3N|an|non-serious slam try|mb|p|mb|4C|mb|p|mb|4D|mb|p|mb|4N|mb|p|mb|5H|mb|p|nt|vugraphzaj: thrower being careful pulling out 5h after pulling out wrong card yesterday after 4nt|pg|| mb|6N|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|h5|pc|h3|pc|h9|pc|hQ|pg|| pc|sA|pc|s2|pc|s5|pc|s8|pg|| pc|d7|pc|d2|pc|dQ|pc|d5|pg|| pc|s6|pc|c9|pc|sJ|pc|sQ|pg|| pc|c6|pc|cQ|pc|cK|pc|c2|pg|| pc|hJ|mc|11|pg|| qx|o6|st||md|4SHQ965DAQ874CKQJT,ST98653HTDKJC9853,SAK72HK8732D92CA4,SQJ4HAJ4DT653C762|sv|e|mb|p|mb|1D!|an|2+|mb|p|mb|1H|mb|p|mb|3H|mb|p|mb|3S!|an|relay|mb|p|mb|4D!|an|short spade|mb|p|mb|4N|mb|p|mb|5C|mb|p|mb|5D|mb|p|nt|Walddk2: Another potential slam would you believe.|pg|| mb|6C|mb|p|mb|6H|mb|p|nt|Walddk2: Who wrote this programme?|pg|| nt|ritong: quite decent, but not today|pg|| mb|p|mb|p|pc|sQ|nt|pelu: but can make DD|pg|| nt|ritong: unless declarer crystal balls it|pg|| nt|Walddk2: Well, Henri, it may make.|pg|| nt|ritong: he will not be in the right hand|pg|| nt|aardv: i think they're using Hans van Stavaren's dealing program|pg|| nt|Walddk2: 4th slam in 6 boards, unbelievable.|pg|| pc|d4|pc|sT|pc|sA|pg|| pc|h3|pc|h4|pc|hQ|pc|hT|pg|| nt|ritong: next|pg|| nt|aardv: they'd be better off not bidding any of them|pg|| mc|11|nt|Cantorm: often true Paul|pg|| nt|Walddk2: If they can avoid slam on 5 and 6 in the other room we have a match again.|pg|| nt|Cantorm: 5 flat|pg|| pg|| qx|c6|st||md|4SHQ965DAQ874CKQJT,ST98653HTDKJC9853,SAK72HK8732D92CA4,SQJ4HAJ4DT653C762|sv|e|mb|p|mb|1D|mb|p|mb|1H|mb|p|mb|3H|mb|p|mb|3S|mb|p|mb|4C|mb|p|mb|4S|mb|p|mb|4N|mb|p|mb|5D|mb|p|mb|6H|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|sQ|pc|h5|pc|s6|pc|s7|pg|| pc|cT|pc|c8|pc|cA|pc|c2|pg|| pc|h2|pc|h4|pc|hQ|pc|hT|pg|| mc|11|pg|| qx|o7|st||md|1SJ3HK972DAJ98CJ63,SKT2HA6DKQ53CKQ75,SAQ94HQJ4DT64CAT9,S8765HT853D72C842|sv|b|mb|p|mb|1C|mb|p|mb|1D|mb|p|mb|1N|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|Walddk2: I request a redeal. No slam.|pg|| nt|pelu: I remember at a Nordic Champ - Denmark was 2 or 3, but analyse: if they had Zero slams they had won;)|pg|| pc|s4|nt|Walddk2: 1@C is 16+|pg|| pc|s5|pc|sJ|pc|sK|pg|| nt|Cantorm: and 1N opener 14-16|pg|| pc|cQ|pc|cT|pc|c2|pc|c6|pg|| nt|Cantorm: I think|pg|| pc|c5|nt|aardv: i doubt Tiholov would downgrade|pg|| pc|c9|pc|c4|pc|cJ|pg|| pc|s3|pc|s2|nt|Cantorm: downgrades are rare at all levels of the game|pg|| pc|sA|nt|Walddk2: I upgraded a 12-count to 1NT (14-16) yesterday.|pg|| pc|s6|pg|| nt|Cantorm: arguably too rare|pg|| pc|sQ|pc|s7|nt|Walddk2: *He|pg|| nt|aardv: south needs to keep his hearts|pg|| nt|aardv: which will become winners|pg|| nt|Walddk2: The upgrade was successful because NS got in on a misfit.|pg|| pc|d9|pc|sT|pg|| nt|aardv: can throw a club for now|pg|| pc|s9|pc|s8|pc|d8|pc|h6|pg|| pc|h4|pc|h3|nt|aardv: hmm, that's made it harder|pg|| nt|Cantorm: I presume you were playing on here Roland|pg|| nt|pelu: @H4 - just to make life hard for partner ;)|pg|| nt|Cantorm: or did you find a livve game somewhere|pg|| nt|Walddk2: What do you mean, Martin? I was referring to a hand in this match.|pg|| nt|pelu: his "I" wad a "he" ;)|pg|| nt|Walddk2: I wrote *He as fast as I could.|pg|| nt|aardv: if south ducks this, @DK from declarer lets them get a diamond trick, or @C leaves the entry intact to get the fourth heart|pg|| nt|aardv: Tosh is giving it serious thought|pg|| nt|aardv: undertricks matter|pg|| nt|pelu: King should call for a drink to Tosh for that lead|pg|| nt|Walddk2: I would not get it right and insert the 7.|pg|| nt|pelu: u would never have the problem - I would lead @hQ;)|pg|| nt|Walddk2: But the 7 works beautifully.|pg|| nt|Cantorm: Tosh trying to figure out any sensible holding for N where the 4 is the lead|pg|| nt|pelu: hard work for Tosh;)|pg|| nt|Cantorm: he has already decided there are none, so now thinking about the non-sensible options|pg|| nt|aardv: style points for the 2, since declarer has discarded the 6|pg|| nt|ritong: and the 4 is likely three cards|pg|| nt|Cantorm: meanwhile other table seems to be taking a long time on 6|pg|| nt|pelu: could it be from AJ4|pg|| nt|ritong: maybe|pg|| nt|ritong: but does this leave enough hcp to the declarer ?|pg|| nt|Cantorm: but then declarer's @h6 discard from Q6 doesn't make sense|pg|| nt|pelu: no|pg|| pc|h7|pc|hA|pg|| pc|c7|pc|cA|pc|c8|pc|c3|pg|| nt|bobholl: a and k of @C could be switched than barely possible|pg|| pc|hQ|nt|ritong: no style points|pg|| pc|h5|pc|h2|nt|BroLucius: North may have thought that West's singleton was the king, and so he retained the QJ. But that was almost impossible.|pg|| nt|Walddk2: Ha, he inserted the 7 as I asked him to.|pg|| nt|aardv: the other table is in 6@H on 6|pg|| nt|Cantorm: again David he would not ditch the 6 then|pg|| nt|aardv: flat board|pg|| mc|4|nt|aardv: well done Tosh|pg|| pg|| qx|c7|st||md|1SJ3HK972DAJ98CJ63,SKT2HA6DKQ53CKQ75,SAQ94HQJ4DT64CAT9,S8765HT853D72C842|sv|b|mb|p|mb|1N|mb|p|mb|2C|mb|p|mb|2D|mb|p|mb|2H|mb|p|mb|2S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|vugraphzaj: townsend- Thank you partner!|pg|| pc|s4|pc|s5|pc|sJ|pc|sK|pg|| pc|cQ|pc|cT|pc|c2|pc|c6|pg|| pc|c7|pc|c9|pc|c4|pc|cJ|pg|| pc|s3|pc|s2|pc|s9|pc|s6|pg|| pc|sA|pc|s7|pc|d8|pc|sT|pg|| pc|sQ|pc|s8|pc|c3|pc|d3|pg|| pc|hQ|pc|h3|pc|h2|pc|h6|pg|| pc|hJ|pc|h5|pc|h7|pc|hA|pg|| pc|c5|pc|cA|pc|c8|pc|d9|pg|| pc|h4|pc|h8|pc|h9|pc|d5|pg|| pc|hK|pc|cK|pc|d4|pc|hT|pg|| pc|dA|pc|dK|pc|d6|pc|d2|pg|| pc|dJ|pc|dQ|pc|dT|pc|d7|pg|| pg|| qx|o8|st||md|2SJ632HQJ76DQJ7C75,SK954H9854DCAT842,SA8HT3DT98632CKQ3,SQT7HAK2DAK54CJ96|sv|o|mb|p|mb|p|mb|1N|mb|p|mb|2C|mb|p|nt|Cantorm: why no 1@c opener?|pg|| nt|Cantorm: surely not because of experience of previous hand :)|pg|| mb|2D|mb|p|mb|2N|mb|p|nt|Cantorm: am told 15-17 3rd & 4th|pg|| mb|3C|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|ritong: now this is magic|pg|| nt|ritong: finding the @cs wow|pg|| pc|sA|nt|aardv: was 2NT a transfer?|pg|| pc|s7|pc|s6|pc|s4|pg|| nt|Cantorm: now find the @ss for overtrick|pg|| nt|ritong: probably so, but still i m fascinated|pg|| pc|s8|nt|Cantorm: makes it easier|pg|| pc|sT|pc|sJ|pc|sK|pg|| pc|h4|pc|h3|pc|hA|pc|h6|pg|| pc|cJ|pc|c5|pc|c2|pc|cK|pg|| pc|dT|pc|dA|pc|d7|pc|h5|pg|| pc|c9|pc|c7|pc|c4|pc|cQ|pg|| pc|hT|pc|hK|pc|h7|pc|h8|pg|| nt|ritong: in reality i worship any agreement which allows to find the @cs, in any context|pg|| nt|ritong: @cs are so under rated|pg|| mc|10|nt|aardv: west could have been 3352 i suppose|pg|| nt|aardv: i mean east|pg|| pg|| qx|c8|st||md|2SJ632HQJ76DQJ7C75,SK954H9854DCAT842,SA8HT3DT98632CKQ3,SQT7HAK2DAK54CJ96|sv|o|mb|p|mb|p|mb|1N|mb|p|mb|2C|mb|p|mb|2D|mb|p|mb|2N|mb|p|mb|3N|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|hQ|pc|h4|pc|h3|pc|hA|pg|| pc|c9|pc|c5|pc|c2|pc|cQ|pg|| pc|d6|pc|dK|pc|dQ|pc|h5|pg|| pc|cJ|pc|c7|pc|c4|pc|cK|pg|| pc|d8|pc|d5|pc|dJ|pc|s4|pg|| pc|d7|pc|s5|pc|d9|pc|d4|pg|| pc|dT|pc|dA|pc|h6|pc|s9|pg|| pc|c6|mc|6|pg|| qx|o9|st||md|3SA932HQDQ9532C872,SJ8765H854DA76CQT,SQTHKJ9762D4C9643,SK4HAT3DKJT8CAKJ5|sv|e|mb|3H|mb|3N|nt|Cantorm: astonishingly, esp given all the slams, 5 of 6 boards flat|pg|| mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|hQ|nt|pelu: is that a 3@H opening for u??|pg|| nt|ritong: 3NT " as it comes", here the @h stopper is quite OK|pg|| pc|h4|pc|h2|nt|ritong: yes|pg|| pc|h3|pg|| pc|d3|nt|ritong: having a four cards side suit is worth one more card in the long suit|pg|| pc|d6|pc|d4|pc|d8|pg|| pc|c5|pc|c2|pc|cT|nt|pelu: 8 losers and a bad suit??|pg|| pc|c4|pg|| nt|ritong: so north acts as if he had seven @hs|pg|| pc|s6|pc|sT|pc|sK|nt|ritong: plus the fav vul etc etc etc|pg|| nt|pelu: ok I hear u - but I dont agree|pg|| nt|ritong: no problem|pg|| nt|aardv: i mildly disagree that the fourth club is as good as a seventh trump|pg|| nt|ritong: i am not a great fan either i prefer academic preempts|pg|| nt|Walddk2: Peter, after you saw Dennis Bilde's 3@D nothing should surprise you any more.|pg|| nt|aardv: analysis of the play in a heart contract would support my dissent|pg|| pc|sA|pg|| pc|c8|pc|cQ|pc|c3|pc|cA|pg|| nt|pelu: correct Roland - but it was not winning bridge, and this 3@h is not|pg|| pc|dJ|pc|d5|pc|d7|pc|h6|pg|| pc|dT|nt|Walddk2: 4@H would have made it very tough for East.|pg|| pc|d2|pc|dA|pc|h7|pg|| pc|h5|pc|hJ|pc|hA|pc|d9|pg|| nt|Walddk2: So I blame King for not opening 4@H :)|pg|| pc|cK|pc|c7|pc|h8|pc|c6|pg|| pc|cJ|nt|ritong: heh|pg|| pc|dQ|pc|s5|pc|c9|pg|| pc|dK|nt|aardv: what would you do over 4@H?|pg|| nt|ritong: i know some vikings who would, by the way|pg|| mc|9|nt|Cantorm: why not blame McIntosh for not raising?|pg|| pg|| qx|c9|st||md|3SA932HQDQ9532C872,SJ8765H854DA76CQT,SQTHKJ9762D4C9643,SK4HAT3DKJT8CAKJ5|sv|e|mb|3H|mb|3N|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|hQ|pc|h4|pc|h2|pc|h3|pg|| pc|d3|pc|d6|pc|d4|pc|d8|pg|| pc|dJ|pc|dQ|pc|dA|pc|h6|pg|| pc|s5|pc|sT|pc|sK|pc|sA|pg|| pc|d2|pc|d7|pc|h7|pc|dK|pg|| pc|s4|pc|s2|pc|s6|pc|sQ|pg|| mc|10|pg|| qx|o10|st||md|4S964HATDQ98752CAK,STHQ7642DJ43CQ852,SAJ2HK98DK6CJT643,SKQ8753HJ53DATC97|sv|b|nt|Cantorm: 1@s or 2?|pg|| nt|aardv: because raising wouldn't work?|pg|| mb|2S|mb|3D|mb|p|mb|3N|nt|Cantorm: I pass with S - reluctantly|pg|| mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|s5|nt|aardv: So you'd defend 2@S?|pg|| nt|ritong: this likely will work out|pg|| pc|s4|pc|sT|nt|ritong: great punting imho|pg|| pc|sJ|pg|| pc|dK|pc|dA|pc|d2|pc|d4|pg|| nt|ritong: luck favors the bold, right|pg|| pc|sK|pc|s6|pc|h2|pc|sA|pg|| pc|d6|pc|dT|pc|dQ|pc|d3|pg|| nt|Walddk2: 3@D may not be a thing of beauty, but you've got to bid the hand you're dealt.|pg|| pc|d9|pc|dJ|pc|s2|pc|s8|pg|| pc|c2|pc|c3|pc|c9|pc|cK|pg|| mc|11|nt|aardv: there's a double squeeze for the second overtrick|pg|| nt|vugraphzan: claimed on squeeze for 11|pg|| nt|ritong: classy|pg|| nt|Walddk2: He has played before by the looks of it.|pg|| nt|aardv: west was marked with @CQ|pg|| nt|aardv: so it was 100%|pg|| pg|| qx|c10|st||md|4S964HATDQ98752CAK,STHQ7642DJ43CQ852,SAJ2HK98DK6CJT643,SKQ8753HJ53DATC97|sv|b|mb|2S|mb|3D|mb|p|mb|3N|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|sK|pc|s4|pc|sT|pc|sA|pg|| pc|dK|pc|dA|pc|d2|pc|d3|pg|| pc|h3|pc|hA|pc|h7|pc|h8|pg|| pc|dQ|pc|d4|pc|d6|pc|dT|pg|| pc|d5|pc|dJ|pc|c3|pc|s7|pg|| pc|h4|pc|hK|pc|h5|pc|hT|pg|| pc|c4|pc|c7|pc|cK|pc|c2|pg|| pc|cA|pc|c5|pc|c6|pc|c9|pg|| pc|d8|pc|c8|mc|9|pg|| qx|o11|st||md|1SK7HJ754DA2CKQJ76,SQ82HQ8DKT973C942,SA43HAT62D86CAT83,SJT965HK93DQJ54C5|sv|o|mb|1N|mb|p|mb|2C|mb|p|mb|2S|mb|p|mb|4D|an|4h 4s so I heard across the screen!|mb|p|nt|aardv: 2@S shows four hearts|pg|| nt|aardv: 3@D retransfer|pg|| mb|4H|mb|p|nt|Walddk2: But 4@D??|pg|| mb|p|mb|p|nt|aardv: 4@D retransfer i meant to type|pg|| nt|aardv: well, not transfer exactly, but you know what i mean|pg|| nt|ritong: oui|pg|| nt|aardv: the idea of swapping the majors here is that you can use 2@C to play in 2M|pg|| pc|s2|pc|s3|nt|aardv: without partner messing it up by bidding 2@S when you want to play in hearts, unless he has four hearts|pg|| pc|s9|pc|sK|pg|| nt|aardv: then you can make transfers constructive|pg|| pc|h5|pc|h8|pc|hT|pc|hK|pg|| pc|dQ|pc|dA|pc|d3|pc|d6|pg|| pc|h4|pc|hQ|pc|hA|pc|h3|pg|| pc|h2|pc|h9|nt|ritong: ok bro|pg|| nt|ritong: next pls|pg|| mc|11|pg|| qx|c11|st||md|1SK7HJ754DA2CKQJ76,SQ82HQ8DKT973C942,SA43HAT62D86CAT83,SJT965HK93DQJ54C5|sv|o|mb|1C|mb|p|mb|1H|mb|1S|mb|3D!|mb|p|mb|3S!|mb|p|mb|4C|mb|p|mb|4H|mb|p|mb|4S|mb|p|mb|6H|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|s5|pc|sK|pc|s2|pc|s3|pg|| pc|h4|pc|h8|pc|hT|pc|hK|pg|| pc|h9|mc|12|pg|| qx|o12|st||md|2SJ9HKT3DQ4CAQJ965,SAK2HQJ8765DT6CT8,SQT6HDKJ98752C732,S87543HA942DA3CK4|sv|n|mb|1H|nt|bobholl: not making 6 ?!|pg|| mb|2D|mb|2N|nt|aardv: i think he claimed 12|pg|| nt|Walddk2: Would 3@D be intermediate?|pg|| nt|bobholl: 3@C for the lead ?|pg|| mb|3C|mb|3H|mb|p|mb|p|nt|ritong: tough to obey here|pg|| nt|ritong: understandable to go further|pg|| mb|3N|nt|ritong: two aces, half a king, four trumps|pg|| mb|d|mb|4C|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|ritong: ah|pg|| nt|ritong: different story|pg|| pc|sK|pc|s6|pc|s8|pc|s9|pg|| nt|bobholl: irma la douce that's another story|pg|| pc|sA|pc|sT|nt|ritong: :)|pg|| pc|s3|pc|sJ|pg|| pc|d6|pc|d2|pc|dA|pc|d4|pg|| pc|s4|pc|h3|pc|s2|pc|sQ|pg|| pc|c2|pc|c4|pc|cQ|pc|c8|pg|| pc|hT|pc|hJ|pc|c3|pc|h2|pg|| pc|c7|pc|cK|pc|cA|pc|cT|pg|| mc|10|pg|| qx|c12|st||md|2SJ9HKT3DQ4CAQJ965,SAK2HQJ8765DT6CT8,SQT6HDKJ98752C732,S87543HA942DA3CK4|sv|n|mb|1H|mb|p|mb|2N|mb|3C|mb|4H|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|c7|pc|c4|pc|cJ|pc|c8|pg|| pc|cA|pc|cT|pc|c3|pc|cK|pg|| pc|dQ|pc|d6|pc|dK|pc|dA|pg|| pc|s3|pc|s9|pc|sA|pc|s6|pg|| pc|hQ|pc|d2|pc|h2|pc|hK|pg|| pc|d4|pc|dT|pc|dJ|pc|d3|pg|| pc|d5|pc|hA|pc|c5|pc|s2|pg|| pc|h9|mc|9|pg|| qx|o13|st||md|3SQT974H83D975CT85,SKJ5HQT9742DTCK74,S3HK65DK4CAQJ9632,SA862HAJDAQJ8632C|sv|b|mb|1C!|nt|ritong: one lovely 1@d i d say|pg|| mb|d|nt|pelu: possible slam again|pg|| nt|Walddk2: I agree with 1@D.|pg|| nt|ritong: and make noises further|pg|| nt|Walddk2: It won't go all pass.|pg|| nt|aardv: agreed|pg|| mb|p|mb|4H|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|s3|pc|s2|pc|sQ|nt|ritong: objectively slam is hard to reach|pg|| pc|sK|pg|| pc|dT|pc|d4|nt|ritong: but it was possible that way|pg|| pc|d2|pc|d5|pg|| pc|h2|pc|h5|pc|hJ|pc|h3|pg|| pc|hA|pc|h8|pc|h4|pc|h6|pg|| pc|dA|pc|d7|pc|c4|pc|dK|pg|| pc|dQ|pc|d9|pc|c7|pc|hK|pg|| pc|cA|mc|12|pg|| qx|c13|st||md|3SQT974H83D975CT85,SKJ5HQT9742DTCK74,S3HK65DK4CAQJ9632,SA862HAJDAQJ8632C|sv|b|mb|1C|mb|1D|mb|p|mb|1H|mb|3C|mb|d|mb|p|mb|4H|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|s3|pc|s2|pc|s7|pc|sJ|pg|| pc|dT|pc|d4|pc|dJ|pc|d7|pg|| pc|dA|pc|d5|pc|c7|pc|dK|pg|| pc|dQ|pc|d9|pc|c4|pc|h5|pg|| pc|cA|pc|hJ|pc|c5|pc|cK|pg|| pc|hA|pc|h3|pc|h2|pc|h6|pg|| pc|d2|pc|h8|pc|h9|pc|hK|pg|| mc|11|pg|| qx|o14|st||md|4SA73HAK863DJ43C82,SQ954HQJD986CJ764,SKJ8H952DAKQ72CA9,ST62HT74DT5CKQT53|sv|o|mb|p|mb|1H|nt|Walddk2: And yet another potential slam.|pg|| mb|p|mb|2D|mb|p|nt|ritong: :)|pg|| mb|2H|mb|p|nt|pelu: need a @c-lead to defeat 6@h (and 6@d)|pg|| mb|2N|an|relay|mb|p|nt|aardv: and 6NT|pg|| nt|pelu: ;)|pg|| nt|ritong: they do not have the material for the slam, do they ?|pg|| nt|Walddk2: East has an automatic club lead, West however ...|pg|| nt|ritong: 39 hcp both hands balanced|pg|| nt|ritong: 29*|pg|| nt|Walddk2: Yes, but double-fit.|pg|| nt|ritong: that s an upside indeed|pg|| mb|3C|an|nat <15|nt|pelu: why not 3@D by S?|pg|| mb|p|nt|ritong: weirdo , yes|pg|| mb|3D|nt|Walddk2: Or why does King not show his heart fit?|pg|| mb|p|mb|3H|mb|p|mb|3S|mb|p|nt|ritong: three baby @hs ?|pg|| nt|bobholl: my guess is that 2nt was a kind of ask|pg|| nt|ritong: they may get in slam on a mixup and get a @s lead|pg|| mb|3N|mb|p|nt|aardv: if so there will be legal discussion|pg|| nt|ritong: admittedly the auction is a little murky|pg|| mb|4C|mb|p|nt|Walddk2: The question is if they have pinpointed the lead if they get to the heart slam.|pg|| nt|Walddk2: But no double of 4@C.|pg|| mb|6D|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|ritong: bad guess|pg|| nt|ritong: @c lead relatively easy from east|pg|| pc|cK|nt|Walddk2: Wise decision not to double 4@C. Marusa knows what to lead against this.|pg|| pc|c2|pc|c4|pc|cA|pg|| pc|d2|pc|d5|pc|dJ|pc|d6|pg|| pc|d3|pc|d8|pc|dA|pc|dT|pg|| pc|dK|pc|c3|pc|d4|pc|d9|pg|| pc|h5|pc|h7|pc|h8|pc|hJ|pg|| nt|Walddk2: Wow, NS bid 6@H on 11 in the other room.|pg|| mc|11|nt|ritong: @d lead beats it, right ?|pg|| pg|| qx|c14|st||md|4SA73HAK863DJ43C82,SQ954HQJD986CJ764,SKJ8H952DAKQ72CA9,ST62HT74DT5CKQT53|sv|o|mb|p|mb|1N|mb|p|mb|3N|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|s5|pc|sJ|pc|s2|pc|s3|pg|| pc|h2|pc|h4|pc|hA|pc|hQ|pg|| pc|h3|pc|hJ|pc|h5|pc|h7|pg|| pc|c4|pc|cA|pc|c3|pc|c2|pg|| mc|12|pg|| qx|o15|st||md|1SK52HA87DQJ9CAKT3,SAT863H65D85CJ875,SJ4HQ94DAT632CQ42,SQ97HKJT32DK74C96|sv|n|mb|1N|nt|Walddk2: Right.|pg|| mb|p|nt|ritong: suspense|pg|| mb|3N|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|Walddk2: East lead a spade.|pg|| nt|ritong: 13 imp then|pg|| nt|Walddk2: 11.|pg|| nt|ritong: true, not vulnerable|pg|| pc|s3|pc|sJ|pc|sQ|pc|sK|pg|| pc|dQ|pc|d5|pc|d2|pc|d4|pg|| pc|dJ|pc|d8|pc|d3|pc|dK|pg|| pc|s9|nt|ritong: now declarer runs five @cs|pg|| pc|s2|pc|sT|pc|s4|pg|| pc|sA|mc|8|nt|ritong: but no, finally :)|pg|| pg|| qx|c15|st||md|1SK52HA87DQJ9CAKT3,SAT863H65D85CJ875,SJ4HQ94DAT632CQ42,SQ97HKJT32DK74C96|sv|n|mb|1C|mb|1S|mb|2D|mb|3H!|an|fit jump|mb|3N|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|s3|pc|sJ|pc|sQ|pc|sK|pg|| pc|dJ|pc|d8|pc|d2|pc|dK|pg|| pc|s9|pc|s2|pc|sT|pc|s4|pg|| pc|sA|mc|8|pg|| qx|o16|st||md|2SAJ8HA96DJ4CAT832,ST9765H853DQT872C,SQ32HKQ74DK65CQ75,SK4HJT2DA93CKJ964|sv|e|mb|p|mb|1C|mb|p|mb|2C|mb|p|mb|2N|mb|p|nt|BroLucius: Many thanks for your excellent work as VuGraph operator, Nicole. Much appreciated!|pg|| mb|3N|mb|p|nt|Walddk2: An exciting set comes to an end.|pg|| mb|p|mb|p|pc|hJ|nt|ritong: merci a tous|pg|| nt|vugraphzan: We will be late restarting I suspect. Lots of thinking in other room all round! But in principle we will caryy on 15 minutes after they finish next door|pg|| pc|hA|pc|h8|pc|h4|pg|| pc|c2|pc|h3|pc|cQ|pc|cK|pg|| pc|d3|pc|dJ|pc|dQ|pc|dK|pg|| nt|Walddk2: Next segment in about 30 minutes.|pg|| pc|c7|pc|c9|pc|cT|pc|h5|pg|| pc|h9|pc|s9|pc|hK|pc|h2|pg|| pc|c5|pc|c6|pc|c8|pc|s5|pg|| pc|cA|pc|d2|pc|d6|pc|c4|pg|| pc|h6|pc|d7|pc|hQ|pc|hT|pg|| pc|h7|pc|s4|pc|d4|pc|d8|pg|| pc|sQ|pc|sK|pc|sA|pc|s6|pg|| pc|sJ|pc|s7|pc|s2|pc|d9|pg|| mc|12|pg|| qx|c16|st||md|2SAJ8HA96DJ4CAT832,ST9765H853DQT872C,SQ32HKQ74DK65CQ75,SK4HJT2DA93CKJ964|sv|e|mb|p|mb|1N|mb|p|mb|3N|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|c4|pc|c2|pc|s5|pc|c5|pg|| pc|cQ|pc|cK|pc|c3|pc|h3|pg|| pc|sK|pc|sA|pc|s7|pc|s2|pg|| pc|h9|pc|h5|pc|hK|pc|hT|pg|| pc|c7|pc|cJ|pc|cA|pc|d2|pg|| pc|cT|pc|d7|pc|d5|pc|c6|pg|| pc|hA|pc|h8|pc|h4|pc|h2|pg|| pc|h6|pc|d8|pc|hQ|pc|hJ|pg|| pc|h7|pc|d3|pc|c8|pc|s6|pg|| pc|sQ|pc|s4|pc|s8|pc|s9|pg|| pc|s3|pc|d9|pc|sJ|pc|sT|pg|| pc|d4|pc|dT|pc|dK|pc|dA|pg|| pc|c9|pc|dJ|pc|dQ|pc|d6|pg|| pg|| 富二代精品国产app