vg|EBU Olympiad Trials Final Stage,Stanza 1 of 7,I,1,16,Black,0,Pheonix,0| rs|4SW+1,,4HS=,,3CN=,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,| pn|Handley-Pr,Tiholov,Townsend,Gold M,Croz,Black,Thrower,David Gold|pg|| qx|o2|st||md|4SAHKQJ862DAQ3CJ75,SQJ6H754DT952C932,SK98752HT93DJ4CKT,ST43HADK876CAQ864|sv|n|nt|benjy: That was quick!|pg|| mb|1D|nt|bobholl: was it with 1 or no overtricks ?|pg|| mb|d!|mb|p|nt|Cantorm: OP playing catch-up I think|pg|| nt|vugraphzan: one, ijust need to figure out how to write score!|pg|| mb|3S|mb|p|nt|Walddk2: There may be an operator problem. Yesterday Claire Robinson said that she wasn't sure that they could get two today. She is at work.|pg|| nt|iain sime: Good morning everyone. Welcome to the final stage of the trial to select the English team for the World Bridge Games.|pg|| mb|4H|nt|Cantorm: I understand dbl but prefer 1H|pg|| mb|p|nt|Walddk2: I prefer player names.|pg|| mb|p|mb|p|pc|dT|nt|vugraphzan: subtle Roland!|pg|| pc|dJ|pc|dK|pc|dA|pg|| nt|bobholl: the result is there now :)|pg|| nt|iain sime: EW looks like a strong club 1@D opener in which case Marusa Gold and Todor Tiholov.|pg|| pc|h2|pc|h4|pc|hT|pc|hA|pg|| pc|d6|pc|dQ|pc|d2|pc|d4|pg|| nt|benjy: There is some debate on voice commentary whether to double as south or overcall 1@H. I'm a doubler myself|pg|| nt|Walddk2: I overcall 1@H, like Martin.|pg|| pc|sA|pc|s6|pc|s2|pc|s3|pg|| nt|Cantorm: Komisch too for sure|pg|| nt|benjy: i don't think partner would bid with KQx in clubs and out over 1@H|pg|| nt|Cantorm: Kokish|pg|| pc|h6|pc|h5|pc|h9|nt|Cantorm: German autocorrect|pg|| pc|c8|pg|| pc|sK|pc|s4|pc|d3|pc|sJ|pg|| pc|s5|pc|sT|pc|h8|pc|sQ|pg|| pc|c5|pc|c2|pc|cT|pc|cQ|pg|| pc|cA|pc|c7|pc|c3|pc|cK|pg|| mc|10|nt|Cantorm: But then oppo have a bid Ben|pg|| nt|benjy: i don't rely on the opponents to save me |pg|| nt|benjy: prefer to rely on my partnership|pg|| pg|| qx|o3|st||md|1ST876HAK96DJ2CK97,SK953HQ2DK9643CJ3,SJHJ53DQT75CQT864,SAQ42HT874DA8CA52|sv|e|nt|Cantorm: I rely on my pard to bid 4S and drop me in it|pg|| mb|p|nt|benjy: opening one bids|pg|| nt|Cantorm: And we have names thanks op whoever you are|pg|| mb|p|nt|benjy: N/S quite conservative re their opening bids|pg|| nt|iain sime: It depends to some extent on what the partnership expects for double and then a new suit. Some play too strong to overcall, others play less strong but flexible.|pg|| mb|3C|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|Cantorm: S passes where others might bid|pg|| pc|h8|pc|hA|pc|h2|pc|h5|pg|| pc|dJ|nt|Cantorm: Then N produces a John Armstrong preempt|pg|| pc|dK|pc|d5|pc|d8|pg|| pc|s3|pc|sJ|pc|sQ|pc|s6|pg|| pc|sA|pc|s7|pc|s5|pc|c4|pg|| nt|Walddk2: It's not clear how much EW can make.|pg|| pc|dT|pc|dA|pc|d2|pc|d3|pg|| pc|s2|pc|sT|nt|bobholl: "" some"@S|pg|| pc|sK|pc|c6|pg|| pc|dQ|pc|c2|pc|c7|pc|d4|pg|| pc|s8|pc|s9|pc|c8|pc|s4|pg|| pc|d7|pc|h4|pc|c9|pc|d6|pg|| pc|cK|nt|benjy: I think if he had played trumps earlier he could have made this, whether he should or not i'm not sure|pg|| pc|c3|mc|9|nt|bobholl: did east play back a @C really ?|pg|| pg|| 富二代精品国产app