vg|Open Trial RR,S13,I,13,24,Leslie,0,Allfrey,0| rs|6SE=,6SE=,4SW=,3SW=,4SE=,4SW=,4HS+1,4HS+1,3NW-2,3NW-2,4SW+1,4SW+1,2SS=,2SS+2,3NW=,3NW+2,4SN-1,3CWx-3,5HSx-2,4SW=,3NW-2,2CW-1,4SN+1,5SN=| pn|Dyke,Crouch,Byrne,Cope,Paske,Bell,Jones,Norton|pg|| qx|o13|st||md|3S5HA6D98762CQJT72,SQJT2HTDKQT5CAK85,S74HJ987DAJ43C963,SAK9863HKQ5432DC4|sv|b|mb|p|mb|1S|mb|p|mb|2C!|mb|p|mb|3C!|mb|p|mb|3S|mb|p|nt|fabsayc: the Norwegian dealer still in action|pg|| mb|4D|mb|p|mb|4N|mb|p|nt|fabsayc: 5NT 2 and void?!|pg|| mb|5H|mb|p|mb|6S|mb|p|mb|p|nt|davegalt: just your ordinary 6-6 good in the majors to start things off|pg|| mb|p|pc|cQ|pc|cA|pc|c3|pc|c4|pg|| pc|hT|nt|fabsayc: i dont understand, if 5@H =2 how did west bid 6|pg|| pc|hJ|pc|hK|pc|hA|pg|| pc|cJ|pc|cK|pc|c6|pc|h2|pg|| nt|vugraphzan: they play a complex system, presumably 4@d meant something|pg|| pc|d5|pc|d4|pc|s3|pc|d2|pg|| pc|h4|pc|h6|pc|sQ|pc|h7|pg|| pc|s2|pc|s4|pc|sA|pc|s5|pg|| pc|h3|pc|d6|pc|sJ|pc|h8|pg|| pc|sT|pc|s7|pc|sK|pc|d7|pg|| nt|Walddk2: We have voice commentary at this table.|pg|| mc|12|pg|| qx|c13|st||md|3S5HA6D98762CQJT72,SQJT2HTDKQT5CAK85,S74HJ987DAJ43C963,SAK9863HKQ5432DC4|sv|b|mb|p|mb|1S|mb|p|mb|2N|an|gf spades|mb|p|mb|5D!|an|exclusion|mb|p|mb|5S|mb|p|mb|6S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|cQ|pc|cA|pc|c6|pc|c4|pg|| pc|hT|pc|h7|pc|hK|pc|hA|pg|| pc|cJ|pc|cK|pc|c3|pc|h2|pg|| pc|d5|pc|d3|pc|s3|pc|d2|pg|| pc|h3|pc|h6|pc|sQ|pc|h8|pg|| pc|s2|pc|s4|pc|sA|pc|s5|pg|| mc|12|pg|| qx|o14|st||md|4SATHJ954DJ4CJ9742,S8632HAQ83DA752CK,SQ9HK76DQT6CAQ863,SKJ754HT2DK983CT5|sv|o|mb|2D!|mb|p|nt|davegalt: if it showed a void then there's no key card in @D to consider?|pg|| nt|davegalt: or something more exotic ...|pg|| mb|2N|mb|p|nt|ahollan1: nonvul 2@D = 5+@H/@S no other option|pg|| mb|3H|mb|p|mb|4S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|davegalt: @D = @H or @S, and then @H = @S|pg|| nt|ahollan1: 3@H = 5+@S 4+@C/@D|pg|| pc|d6|pc|d8|pc|dJ|pc|dA|pg|| pc|s2|pc|s9|pc|sJ|nt|Walddk2: Claire, you have a typo in North's name.|pg|| pc|sA|pg|| pc|d4|pc|d5|pc|dT|pc|dK|pg|| pc|sK|pc|sT|pc|s8|pc|sQ|pg|| pc|c5|pc|c2|pc|cK|pc|cA|pg|| pc|cQ|pc|cT|pc|c4|pc|s3|pg|| pc|d7|pc|dQ|pc|d3|pc|h4|pg|| nt|fabsayc: can eliminate clubs and endplay north with diamond Q|pg|| mc|10|pg|| qx|c14|st||md|4SATHJ954DJ4CJ9742,S8632HAQ83DA752CK,SQ9HK76DQT6CAQ863,SKJ754HT2DK983CT5|sv|o|mb|2D!|an|weak only multi|mb|p|mb|2N|an|enquiry|mb|p|mb|3D|an|max with Spades|mb|p|mb|3S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|d6|pc|d3|pc|dJ|pc|dA|pg|| pc|s2|pc|s9|pc|sJ|pc|sA|pg|| pc|hJ|pc|hQ|pc|hK|pc|h2|pg|| pc|h7|pc|hT|pc|h4|pc|h3|pg|| pc|sK|pc|sT|pc|s3|pc|sQ|pg|| pc|s4|pc|c7|pc|s8|pc|c3|pg|| pc|hA|pc|h6|pc|c5|pc|h5|pg|| pc|h8|mc|9|pg|| qx|o15|st||md|1S97HJ2DA82CQJ6532,SKT853HA87DT9763C,SA64H654DQJ4CKT97,SQJ2HKQT93DK5CA84|sv|n|nt|vugraphzan: Michael needed to cash the QD when he was in with the AC|pg|| mb|p!|mb|p|mb|p|mb|1N|nt|ahollan1: whn not 2@D for crouch?|pg|| mb|p|mb|2D!|mb|p|mb|2S|an|*|mb|p|nt|ahollan1: 1N 15-17|pg|| mb|4S|nt|ahollan1: 2@D = 4+@S|pg|| mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|ahollan1: 2-under transfers over 1N|pg|| pc|cQ|nt|ahollan1: pure peter crouch|pg|| nt|vugraphzan: 2@S denied 4@s and is not a terrible minimum. Peter says they show a proper min with about 10% of hands|pg|| pc|d3|pc|cT|pc|cA|pg|| pc|sJ|pc|s7|pc|s3|pc|s4|pg|| pc|sQ|pc|s9|pc|s5|pc|sA|pg|| pc|c7|pc|c4|pc|c2|pc|s8|pg|| pc|sK|pc|s6|pc|s2|pc|c3|pg|| pc|h7|nt|ahollan1: i thought 2@S = 3@S or very weak 4@S|pg|| pc|h4|pc|hQ|pc|h2|pg|| pc|hT|pc|hJ|nt|ahollan1: 2@H would show 2@S|pg|| pc|hA|pc|h5|pg|| pc|h8|pc|h6|pc|hK|pc|c5|pg|| pc|h9|pc|c6|pc|d6|pc|c9|pg|| pc|h3|pc|d2|pc|d7|pc|d4|pg|| mc|10|nt|vugraphzan: I probably only heard half of it :)|pg|| pg|| qx|c15|st||md|1S97HJ2DA82CQJ6532,SKT853HA87DT9763C,SA64H654DQJ4CKT97,SQJ2HKQT93DK5CA84|sv|n|mb|p|mb|2S!|an|spades and a m 5-5|mb|p|mb|4S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|dQ|pc|d5|pc|d2|pc|d3|pg|| pc|d4|pc|dK|pc|dA|pc|d6|pg|| pc|cQ|pc|d7|pc|c7|pc|cA|pg|| pc|sQ|pc|s7|pc|s3|pc|sA|pg|| pc|dJ|pc|sJ|pc|d8|pc|d9|pg|| pc|s2|pc|s9|pc|sK|pc|s4|pg|| mc|10|pg|| qx|o16|st||md|2SKT9HAKT32DA3CQJ4,SQ643H985DQJ95C98,S872HQJ7DT86CAK32,SAJ5H64DK742CT765|sv|e|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|mb|1H|mb|p|mb|2C|mb|p|mb|4H|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|dQ|pc|d6|pc|d2|pc|dA|pg|| pc|h2|pc|h5|pc|hQ|pc|h4|pg|| pc|hJ|pc|h6|pc|h3|pc|h8|pg|| pc|h7|pc|d4|pc|hA|pc|h9|pg|| pc|hK|pc|s3|pc|d8|pc|d7|pg|| pc|cJ|pc|c8|pc|c2|pc|c5|pg|| pc|cQ|pc|c9|pc|c3|pc|c6|pg|| nt|fabsayc: 1nt contract coming up, David :)|pg|| pc|c4|pc|d5|pc|cK|pc|c7|pg|| pc|cA|pc|cT|pc|d3|pc|d9|pg|| pc|s2|pc|s5|pc|sK|pc|s4|pg|| mc|11|pg|| qx|c16|st||md|2SKT9HAKT32DA3CQJ4,SQ643H985DQJ95C98,S872HQJ7DT86CAK32,SAJ5H64DK742CT765|sv|e|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|mb|1H|mb|p|mb|2C|an|3 card H raise|mb|p|nt|vugraphzaj: More subdued start to this match compared with last time|pg|| mb|4H|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|c9|pc|c2|pc|c7|pc|cQ|pg|| pc|h2|pc|h5|pc|hQ|pc|h4|pg|| pc|h7|pc|h6|pc|hA|pc|h8|pg|| pc|h3|pc|h9|pc|hJ|pc|d2|pg|| mc|11|pg|| qx|o17|st||md|3S653HA75D943CJT82,SAKHKJ92DJT6CQ754,SQJ742HQ84D875CA9,ST98HT63DAKQ2CK63|sv|o|mb|p|mb|1C!|mb|p|mb|1D!|an|!h|mb|1S|nt|ahollan1: for EW both 1@C & 1@D = 2+|pg|| mb|d!|an|3!H|mb|p|nt|ahollan1: if BAL then 1@D = 18-19|pg|| nt|davegalt:|pg|| mb|2S|nt|ahollan1: 1@D = 4+@H // DBL = 3@H|pg|| mb|p|mb|3D|mb|p|mb|3N|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|fabsayc: sound is ok but need to turn volume down|pg|| pc|s4|nt|davegalt: going into last 2 matches, top 6 teams are surprisingly all pretty close, here it's 4th place and 5th place teams, so an even match will help neither team. a big win could poise a team for one further surge|pg|| nt|ahollan1: it took me 4 iterations to kill the echo stop voice in bbo , stop sound for your device, restart sound for device, restart voice for bbo|pg|| nt|davegalt: top 2 teams begin a big 2-day playoff for selection|pg|| nt|davegalt: tomorrow|pg|| pc|s8|pc|s3|nt|davegalt: 26 HCP likely to be of no avail in achieving 9 tricks|pg|| pc|sK|pg|| pc|d6|pc|d8|pc|dA|pc|d3|pg|| nt|ahollan1: but Goren said 26=game|pg|| pc|hT|pc|h5|pc|h2|pc|hQ|pg|| pc|sQ|pc|s9|pc|s5|pc|sA|pg|| pc|h9|pc|h4|pc|h3|pc|hA|pg|| pc|s6|pc|c4|pc|sJ|pc|sT|pg|| pc|s7|pc|c3|pc|h7|pc|c5|pg|| pc|s2|pc|h6|nt|davegalt: I think I have him on my speed-dial, will let him know ...|pg|| pc|d4|pc|c7|pg|| pc|cA|pc|c6|pc|c2|pc|cQ|pg|| mc|7|pg|| qx|c17|st||md|3S653HA75D943CJT82,SAKHKJ92DJT6CQ754,SQJ742HQ84D875CA9,ST98HT63DAKQ2CK63|sv|o|mb|p|mb|1C|an|could be short|mb|p|mb|1D|an|hearts|mb|1S|mb|d|an|support|mb|p|mb|3N|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|vugraphzaj: Paul would you mind posting a link to results pl. I have kibbitzers asking. Thx|pg|| pc|s4|pc|s8|nt|aardv: live scores|pg|| nt|vugraphzaj: thank you :)|pg|| nt|aardv: yvw|pg|| pc|s6|pc|sK|pg|| nt|vugraphzaj: I'm really struggling here. My laptop is lagging making it very difficult to keep up when the play is fast. I'll do my best.|pg|| nt|vugraphzaj: But apologies if I don't catch everything.|pg|| nt|aardv: the normal line here is to play for three heart tricks. that results in two off|pg|| pc|d6|pc|d5|pc|dA|pc|d3|pg|| pc|h3|pc|hA|pc|h2|pc|h4|pg|| pc|s5|pc|sA|pc|s2|pc|s9|pg|| pc|dJ|pc|d7|pc|d2|pc|d4|pg|| pc|dT|pc|d8|pc|dK|pc|d9|pg|| pc|dQ|pc|h5|pc|c4|pc|c9|pg|| mc|7|pg|| qx|o18|st||md|4S93HQT42D97CAJT52,SKQJ64H53DAKQCK73,S72HAJ9DJT8532CQ9,SAT85HK876D64C864|sv|n|mb|p|mb|p|mb|1S|mb|p|mb|3S|an|mixed|mb|p|mb|4S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|dJ|pc|d4|pc|d7|nt|davegalt: I think @H to K, then @C up to K followed by @C would work ,,,|pg|| pc|dK|pg|| pc|sQ|pc|s2|pc|s5|pc|s3|pg|| pc|s4|pc|s7|pc|sA|pc|s9|pg|| pc|d6|pc|d9|pc|dQ|pc|d5|pg|| pc|dA|pc|d3|pc|c4|nt|davegalt: but as Martin has mentioned if S flies A, is down|pg|| pc|c2|pg|| pc|h5|pc|h9|pc|hK|pc|h4|pg|| pc|h6|pc|h2|pc|h3|pc|hJ|pg|| pc|hA|pc|h7|pc|hT|pc|sJ|pg|| pc|s6|pc|d2|pc|sT|pc|c5|pg|| pc|c6|pc|cT|pc|cK|pc|c9|pg|| mc|11|pg|| qx|c18|st||md|4S93HQT42D97CAJT52,SKQJ64H53DAKQCK73,S72HAJ9DJT8532CQ9,SAT85HK876D64C864|sv|n|nt|aardv: so he took the heart finesse and it lost|pg|| nt|vugraphzaj: yes|pg|| mb|p|mb|p|mb|1S|nt|aardv: there was some interest in the defence to 4@S in the other room on board 14. North needed to cash his diamond winner before he was endplayed with it|pg|| mb|p|nt|vugraphzaj: Ben wants to change his bid here. They've called the director|pg|| mb|2C|an|3 card spade raise|mb|p|mb|2N!|nt|vugraphzaj: he wasn't allowed|pg|| mb|p|mb|4D!|nt|aardv: the rule, even with screens, is that you can't change a call if you played the bidding card you meant to play|pg|| nt|vugraphzaj: 4@d alerted but I've no idea what it is. Paul?|pg|| nt|aardv: that is, slips of the mind cannot be corrected|pg|| mb|p|mb|4H|mb|p|nt|aardv: i'm trying to think of something Claire|pg|| nt|aardv: haven't managed so far|pg|| nt|vugraphzaj: me too, but I can't, a Zia style cue perhaps ;)|pg|| mb|4S|mb|p|nt|aardv: maybe a heart splinter????|pg|| nt|aardv: i don't really believe that|pg|| nt|vugraphzaj: everything very unlikely!|pg|| nt|aardv: it looks like a diamond splinter but it can't be that or Bell would have passed by now|pg|| mb|p|mb|p|nt|aardv: whatever it is, they've survived the adventure|pg|| nt|vugraphzaj: Ben was apparently trying to make him bid 4@s as the auction had gone off the rails due to his mis bid|pg|| nt|aardv: couldn't he bid 4@S himself?|pg|| nt|vugraphzaj: something about him having shown 4 hearts in this auction. Weird|pg|| pc|cQ|pc|c4|nt|aardv: ok, no doubt it all makes perfect sense in Mike Bell's fertile mind, and some sort of sense in Ben Norton's obliging mind|pg|| nt|aardv: it will be a flat board anyway|pg|| nt|vugraphzaj: Ben wanted Mike to bid 4@S keycard for Hs apparently then he could pass that!|pg|| nt|vugraphzaj: Ben has been the creative one|pg|| nt|aardv: i meant that Mike was creative inventing the system|pg|| pc|c2|pc|cK|pg|| pc|s4|pc|s2|pc|sA|pc|s3|pg|| nt|aardv: so apparently East intended 2@C as Drury but then realised that it shows hearts, and tried to recover|pg|| mc|11|nt|vugraphzaj: they're discussing a director call|pg|| nt|aardv: with this match one one more still to be played in the round-robin stage, 14 VPs cover the top 6 (of 8) teams|pg|| nt|aardv: the top two teams when the music stops tonight play a 2-day final|pg|| nt|vugraphzaj: director coming|pg|| nt|vugraphzaj: And in fact 4@S was keycard for @Hs|pg|| nt|aardv: the problem is that the first director call, when East wanted to change his 2@C bid, gave West unauthorised information that something was up|pg|| nt|aardv: he won't have know what the call was about, discussion will have been on the other side of the screen, and muted|pg|| nt|aardv: but he'll have known that it was about somethign|pg|| nt|aardv: which may have made it easier for him to pass 4@S|pg|| nt|vugraphzaj: Mike and Tom were actually blissfully unaware of the director call weirdly|pg|| nt|aardv: Well, if Tom Paske didn't know, he should believe that Mike Bell didn't know|pg|| nt|vugraphzaj: it was all done very discretely and quietly|pg|| nt|aardv: so what are they talking to the director about?|pg|| nt|vugraphzaj: Tom 100% had no idea, he was saying too late now but then Ken pointed out director had already been to the table which they didn't appear to know|pg|| nt|vugraphzaj: 4@S very very slow|pg|| nt|vugraphzaj: Tom is complaining about the director call in the middle of the auction. Gordon says he is allowed|pg|| nt|vugraphzaj: next board|pg|| pg|| qx|o19|st||md|1SA9874H743D965C84,SJ65HAK6D82CQ9732,SKQ3HQT82DKQJ43CJ,ST2HJ95DAT7CAKT65|sv|e|mb|p|nt|fabsayc: 3@S preempt, 3@H limit, 2@S constructive, 3m natural invite Roland|pg|| mb|p|mb|1D|mb|p|mb|1S|mb|p|mb|2S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|hA|pc|h2|pc|h5|pc|h3|pg|| nt|fabsayc: still curling in Canada|pg|| pc|d8|pc|dQ|pc|d7|pc|d5|pg|| pc|cJ|pc|cK|pc|c4|pc|c7|pg|| pc|sT|pc|s4|pc|s5|pc|sK|pg|| pc|dK|pc|dA|pc|d9|pc|d2|pg|| pc|dT|pc|d6|pc|s6|pc|d3|pg|| pc|hK|pc|h8|pc|h9|pc|h4|pg|| pc|c2|pc|s3|pc|c5|pc|c8|pg|| pc|sQ|pc|s2|pc|s7|pc|sJ|pg|| mc|8|pg|| qx|c19|st||md|1SA9874H743D965C84,SJ65HAK6D82CQ9732,SKQ3HQT82DKQJ43CJ,ST2HJ95DAT7CAKT65|sv|e|mb|p|mb|p|mb|1D|nt|aardv: North by the way is Ed Jones, known as Ken because he looks (allegedly) like Ken Dodd|pg|| mb|p|mb|1S|mb|p|mb|2S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|hA|pc|h2|pc|h5|pc|h7|pg|| nt|vugraphzaj: it wasn't mechanical error on the last board by the way|pg|| pc|c2|pc|cJ|pc|cK|pc|c4|pg|| pc|c6|pc|c8|pc|c9|pc|s3|pg|| pc|sK|pc|s2|pc|s4|pc|s5|pg|| pc|sQ|pc|sT|pc|s7|pc|s6|pg|| pc|dK|pc|dA|nt|aardv: the defence can get a diamond ruff when declarer tries to get off dummy, so 8 tricks|pg|| pc|d5|pc|d2|pg|| pc|cA|pc|h3|mc|10|pg|| qx|o20|st||md|2SK865H76DQ75CT864,SAJ4HAJ94DK6CKJ52,S32HQT82DJ832CQ97,SQT97HK53DAT94CA3|sv|b|nt|ahollan1: EW 1N 1st/2nd seat 14-16 3rd/4th: 15-17|pg|| mb|1C|mb|p|nt|ahollan1: 1@C = 2+@C|pg|| nt|davegalt:|pg|| mb|1H|mb|p|mb|1N|nt|ahollan1: 1@H = 4+@S|pg|| nt|davegalt: Phoenix, the event leader, continue to rise|pg|| nt|ahollan1: 1N = 17+|pg|| nt|ahollan1: forcing 1 round !!|pg|| mb|p|mb|2S|mb|p|mb|2N|mb|p|mb|3D|mb|p|mb|3N|mb|p|nt|davegalt: very nice deal for fans of 4-4-3-2 distributions|pg|| mb|p|mb|p|nt|ahollan1: i believe 1N not necessarily BAL|pg|| pc|h2|pc|h3|pc|h6|pc|h9|pg|| nt|ahollan1: 2N confirmed balanced|pg|| pc|h4|pc|h8|pc|hK|pc|h7|pg|| pc|sT|pc|s6|pc|s4|pc|s2|pg|| pc|s7|pc|s5|pc|sJ|pc|s3|pg|| nt|ahollan1: 2@S = exactly 4@S 3@D was 4+suit|pg|| nt|fabsayc: if you have not read David's book, you wont find the spade lead|pg|| nt|ahollan1: sorry this takes so long - i have not converted notes i have into a FD file that makes for quick information retrieval|pg|| nt|fabsayc: Chrome or Brave browsers work for voice|pg|| nt|ahollan1: ludite al has never heard of brave|pg|| pc|dK|pc|d2|pc|d4|pc|d5|pg|| pc|d6|pc|d3|pc|d9|pc|dQ|pg|| pc|s8|pc|sA|pc|c7|pc|s9|pg|| pc|hA|pc|hT|pc|h5|pc|d7|pg|| pc|c2|pc|c9|pc|cA|pc|c4|pg|| nt|davegalt: squeeze ahead|pg|| pc|dA|pc|c6|pc|hJ|pc|d8|pg|| nt|davegalt: well,club drops|pg|| pc|c3|pc|c8|pc|cJ|pc|cQ|pg|| mc|9|pg|| qx|c20|st||md|2SK865H76DQ75CT864,SAJ4HAJ94DK6CKJ52,S32HQT82DJ832CQ97,SQT97HK53DAT94CA3|sv|b|nt|aardv: or some other number, as the play decides|pg|| mb|1N|mb|p|mb|2N|an|5 card stayman|mb|p|mb|3C|an|No 5 card M|mb|p|nt|aardv: 2NT baron?|pg|| mb|3H|an|4 spades|mb|p|mb|3N|nt|aardv: no, 5-card stayman|pg|| nt|vugraphzaj: yes Paul 5 cd stayman|pg|| mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|c7|pc|c3|pc|c4|pc|cJ|pg|| pc|h4|pc|h2|pc|hK|pc|h6|pg|| pc|sQ|pc|s5|pc|sJ|pc|s2|pg|| pc|sT|pc|s6|pc|s4|pc|s3|pg|| pc|h3|pc|h7|pc|hJ|pc|hQ|pg|| nt|vugraphzaj: Last board I definitely had the play right|pg|| pc|c9|pc|cA|pc|c6|pc|c2|pg|| pc|s7|pc|s8|pc|sA|pc|d2|pg|| pc|hA|pc|h8|pc|h5|pc|c8|pg|| pc|h9|pc|hT|pc|d4|pc|cT|pg|| pc|d3|pc|d9|pc|dQ|pc|dK|pg|| pc|cK|pc|cQ|pc|s9|pc|d5|pg|| nt|vugraphzaj: Mike just checking his counting in his head|pg|| nt|vugraphzaj: he says he knows he's got the remainder of the tricks but can't remember how|pg|| pc|d6|pc|d8|nt|aardv: yes, south has @SK so he's out of it|pg|| nt|aardv: north either has a club, when @DJ is falling, or doesn't, when Mike's club is good|pg|| nt|aardv: one way to resolve this would be to count the hand|pg|| pc|dT|pc|d7|pg|| nt|aardv: but they've been playing for three days and they're getting tired|pg|| pc|dA|pc|sK|pc|c5|pc|dJ|pg|| nt|vugraphzaj: Tom basically told him out loud at the table so he got it right|pg|| pg|| qx|o21|st||md|3SAQ84HJ54DQ9CAQJ6,S2HQ8DK652CKT9754,SKJT76HK32DA83C82,S953HAT976DJT74C3|sv|n|nt|davegalt: sorry no squeeze except in my brain|pg|| mb|1S|mb|p|mb|2N|an|J2N|mb|3C|nt|ahollan1: 2N 4+fit, FG|pg|| mb|p|mb|p|nt|davegalt: or kib goes with me first time, a double squeeze|pg|| mb|4S|mb|p|nt|fabsayc: double now penalty|pg|| mb|p|mb|p|pc|c3|pc|cA|pc|c7|pc|c2|pg|| pc|s4|pc|s2|pc|sJ|pc|s5|pg|| pc|sK|pc|s3|pc|sQ|pc|c5|pg|| nt|fabsayc: drip drip|pg|| nt|fabsayc: the beer keg is being drained|pg|| pc|d8|pc|dT|pc|dQ|pc|dK|pg|| pc|d2|pc|dA|pc|d4|pc|d9|pg|| pc|s6|pc|s9|pc|sA|nt|fabsayc: why not, Roland|pg|| pc|c4|pg|| pc|cQ|pc|cK|pc|c8|pc|h7|pg|| pc|cT|pc|h2|pc|h6|pc|cJ|pg|| pc|c6|pc|c9|pc|s7|nt|ahollan1: after interference 3@S can be used to force, so seems 3N SHOULD be offer to play|pg|| pc|h9|pg|| nt|fabsayc: i can, all 3NT bids are passable|pg|| pc|d3|pc|d7|pc|s8|pc|d6|pg|| pc|hJ|pc|h8|pc|hK|mc|9|pg|| qx|c21|st||md|3SAQ84HJ54DQ9CAQJ6,S2HQ8DK652CKT9754,SKJT76HK32DA83C82,S953HAT976DJT74C3|sv|n|mb|1S|nt|vugraphzaj: Ken (Jones) not impressed but it's only an overtrick|pg|| mb|p|mb|2N|an|gf spades|mb|3C|nt|aardv: standings after the last match:|pg|| mb|p!|mb|p|nt|aardv: live scores:|pg|| nt|aardv: page with links to those two and more:|pg|| mb|d|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|sJ|pc|s3|pc|sA|pc|s2|pg|| nt|aardv: unluckily for Mike Bell, Ben Norton was going to lead a club against 4@S and it wasn't going to make|pg|| pc|s4|pc|c4|pc|sT|pc|s5|pg|| pc|d2|pc|d8|pc|dJ|pc|dQ|pg|| pc|d9|pc|dK|pc|dA|pc|d4|pg|| pc|d3|pc|dT|pc|c6|pc|d5|pg|| pc|s8|pc|c5|pc|s6|pc|s9|pg|| pc|hQ|pc|hK|pc|hA|pc|h4|pg|| pc|c3|pc|cA|pc|c7|pc|c2|pg|| pc|hJ|pc|h8|pc|h2|pc|h6|pg|| mc|6|pg|| qx|o22|st||md|4SAHT5432D83C75432,SQJT9432H87D74CK6,SK75HKQJ9DJT9CAT9,S86HA6DAKQ652CQJ8|sv|e|mb|1D|mb|p|mb|1S|mb|d|mb|1N|nt|ahollan1: 1@D= 5+@D or 4@D(441)|pg|| mb|4H|mb|4S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|5C|mb|d|mb|5H|mb|d|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|d7|pc|d9|pc|dQ|pc|d3|pg|| pc|dK|pc|d8|pc|d4|nt|ahollan1: good point raised in voice re: defense on 21 suggestion that cope discard should be @H10 so that crouch can safely cover @HJ|pg|| pc|dT|pg|| nt|fabsayc: down 3|pg|| pc|dA|pc|hT|nt|ahollan1: his duck catered to declarer having @HKT and having to guess|pg|| pc|sQ|pc|dJ|pg|| pc|h2|pc|h8|pc|hK|pc|hA|pg|| pc|s8|pc|sA|pc|s2|pc|s5|pg|| pc|h3|pc|h7|pc|hJ|pc|h6|pg|| pc|sK|pc|s6|pc|c2|pc|s3|pg|| pc|cA|pc|c8|pc|c3|pc|c6|pg|| pc|s7|pc|d2|pc|h4|pc|s4|pg|| pc|c4|pc|cK|pc|c9|nt|fabsayc: oops|pg|| pc|cJ|pg|| pc|s9|pc|cT|pc|d5|pc|h5|pg|| pc|c5|nt|fabsayc: no unblock|pg|| mc|9|nt|ahollan1: argument includes 4@H says - opponents get to make last guess so 5@C inconsistent|pg|| pg|| qx|c22|st||md|4SAHT5432D83C75432,SQJT9432H87D74CK6,SK75HKQJ9DJT9CAT9,S86HA6DAKQ652CQJ8|sv|e|mb|1D!|mb|p|mb|2S!|mb|p|mb|2N!|mb|p|mb|4S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|hK|nt|aardv: the auction at the other table on 21 was mostly the same, but Kieran Dyke chose to bid 4@S rather than double 3@C|pg|| nt|vugraphzaj: not as wise as Mini Paske|pg|| pc|hA|pc|h2|pc|h7|pg|| pc|dA|pc|d3|pc|d4|pc|d9|pg|| pc|dK|pc|d8|pc|d7|pc|dT|pg|| pc|dQ|pc|sA|pc|h8|pc|dJ|pg|| nt|aardv: singleton @SA with the doubleton diamond - result|pg|| mc|10|pg|| qx|o23|st||md|1ST943HK842DACQJ98,SKQJ7HJ765DK86CKT,SA82HQT9DJT742C53,S65HA3DQ953CA7642|sv|b|mb|p|mb|1N|mb|p|mb|3N|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|ahollan1: at these colours, can't really blame dyke for not selling out to vul 4@S|pg|| nt|ahollan1: 14016|pg|| nt|ahollan1: 14-16|pg|| pc|d4|pc|d3|pc|dA|pc|d6|pg|| pc|sT|pc|sK|nt|ahollan1: 26 was not game but mabye 23 ...|pg|| pc|sA|pc|s6|pg|| pc|s8|pc|s5|pc|s3|pc|sQ|pg|| pc|cK|pc|c5|pc|c2|pc|c8|pg|| pc|cT|pc|c3|pc|cA|pc|c9|pg|| pc|c4|pc|cJ|pc|h5|pc|d2|pg|| nt|fabsayc: better not lead spade now|pg|| nt|ahollan1: fwiw KnR says west evaluates to 11.90|pg|| nt|ahollan1: no surprise that kaplan downgrades rather than crouch upgrade|pg|| pc|h2|pc|h7|pc|h9|pc|h3|pg|| pc|hT|pc|hA|pc|h4|pc|h6|pg|| pc|d5|pc|h8|pc|dK|pc|d7|pg|| pc|sJ|pc|s2|pc|c7|pc|s4|pg|| pc|d8|pc|dT|pc|dQ|pc|s9|pg|| pc|d9|pc|cQ|pc|s7|pc|dJ|pg|| pc|hQ|pc|c6|pc|hK|pc|hJ|pg|| pg|| qx|c23|st||md|1ST943HK842DACQJ98,SKQJ7HJ765DK86CKT,SA82HQT9DJT742C53,S65HA3DQ953CA7642|sv|b|nt|aardv: Bell won't have been expecting to make that|pg|| nt|vugraphzaj: he deserved a bit of luck after the one before|pg|| mb|p|mb|1C|an|could be short|mb|p|mb|1H!|mb|p|mb|1N|mb|p|mb|2C|mb|p|nt|vugraphzaj: 2@C natural here, I think inv but not sure|pg|| mb|p|mb|p|nt|vugraphzaj: 1@H had a range of possibilities|pg|| pc|c3|pc|cA|pc|c8|pc|cT|pg|| pc|s6|pc|s3|pc|sK|pc|sA|pg|| pc|c5|nt|aardv: 1@H denies 5 spades or 4 hearts|pg|| pc|c2|pc|c9|pc|cK|pg|| pc|d6|pc|d2|pc|dQ|pc|dA|pg|| pc|s4|pc|sQ|pc|s2|pc|s5|pg|| pc|sJ|pc|s8|pc|h3|pc|s9|pg|| pc|dK|pc|d4|pc|d3|pc|cQ|pg|| pc|h2|pc|h5|pc|h9|pc|hA|pg|| pc|c7|pc|cJ|pc|h6|pc|hT|pg|| mc|7|pg|| qx|o24|st||md|2ST86HTDAQJT763CAK,SQ4HQJ854D8CQJT83,SA9732HA63DKC9542,SKJ5HK972D9542C76|sv|o|nt|fabsayc: Knr is a suit evaluator, it undervalues for NT|pg|| nt|vugraphzan: Peter says he miscounted|pg|| mb|2D|mb|p|nt|ahollan1: nonvul 2@D 5+@H/@S|pg|| mb|3H|mb|4D|mb|p|mb|4S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|ahollan1: 5@D definitely safer IMP contract|pg|| nt|davegalt: 4@S here offers choice of game, as N had passed earlier|pg|| pc|h7|nt|ahollan1: wonder if any pair discussed what byrne 4@H would ask/show|pg|| pc|hT|pc|hJ|pc|hA|pg|| pc|h6|pc|h2|pc|s6|pc|h4|pg|| pc|sT|pc|sQ|pc|sA|pc|s5|pg|| pc|h3|pc|h9|pc|s8|pc|h5|pg|| pc|dA|pc|d8|pc|dK|pc|d2|pg|| pc|dQ|pc|s4|pc|s7|pc|d4|pg|| pc|s2|pc|sJ|pc|d3|pc|cQ|pg|| mc|11|nt|fabsayc: thanks all, especially Claire|pg|| pg|| qx|c24|st||md|2ST86HTDAQJT763CAK,SQ4HQJ854D8CQJT83,SA9732HA63DKC9542,SKJ5HK972D9542C76|sv|o|nt|vugraphzaj: Last board of the set. Thx for watching. Restart 17.50 :)|pg|| mb|2H|an|5-5 H and m|mb|2S|mb|3H|nt|aardv: 2@H hearts and a minor|pg|| mb|4H!|mb|p|mb|4S|mb|p|mb|4N|mb|p|mb|5H|mb|p|nt|aardv: With @SQ missing, South may be tempted to try 6@D|pg|| mb|5S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|aardv: of course 6@D has no play, but partner could have @CQ for you|pg|| nt|vugraphzaj: They've done well to avoid disaster|pg|| pc|c7|pc|cA|pc|cQ|pc|c2|pg|| pc|s6|pc|sQ|pc|sA|pc|s5|pg|| pc|s2|nt|aardv: after a heart lead declarer ducks a spade, but here he can afford to play ace and another|pg|| pc|sJ|pc|s8|pc|s4|pg|| pc|sK|pc|sT|pc|h4|pc|s3|pg|| mc|11|nt|aardv: that's all for this match, one more to play in the round robin phase|pg|| pg|| 富二代精品国产app