vg|T11 - EWG2020,TOP FINAL 2,P,1,16,Team 1,0,Team 2,0| rs|3NW=,5DS=,2SW+2,2HS+1,5DS-1,6CS=,3SS+1,4HE-1,6HW+1,4CE-3,4SS-1,4SW-1,5DNx-2,1NN+3,4HE-1,3CN-3,4HN=,3NE-1,1HE-2,4HW=,3SE+1,4CN=,3SS=,6DE=,6HW=,2SW+1,3NW-2,1NE+1,2NN=,3SW=,2NS+1,4SN-1| pn|KLUKOWSKI,COMBESCURE,GAWRYS,RIMSTEDT,South,West,North,East|pg|| qx|o1|st||md|3SJ8HKJ942D8CJ8752,SK64HA76DAKJ76CT9,SAT9752H8DT43CQ64,SQ3HQT53DQ952CAK3|sv|o|mb|2S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|2N|mb|p|mb|3C|mb|p|mb|3N|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|sT|pc|sQ|nt|davegalt: here are scores after today's earlier 1st session|pg|| pc|sJ|pc|s4|pg|| nt|davegalt:|pg|| nt|davegalt: after a few boards here there will be running update of most recent data|pg|| pc|dQ|pc|d8|pc|d6|pc|d3|pg|| pc|d2|pc|h4|pc|dJ|pc|d4|pg|| pc|dK|pc|dT|pc|d5|pc|c2|pg|| pc|dA|pc|s7|pc|d9|pc|h2|pg|| pc|d7|pc|h8|pc|s3|nt|davegalt: this table composed now of pairs who rank 24 and 26 out of the 26 pairs in the field ... both pairs want to pole vault to a higher level :)|pg|| pc|c5|pg|| pc|c9|pc|c4|pc|cK|pc|c7|pg|| pc|cA|pc|c8|pc|cT|pc|c6|pg|| pc|h3|pc|h9|pc|hA|pc|s2|pg|| pc|h6|pc|s5|pc|hQ|pc|hK|pg|| nt|davegalt: each 2 bds, the pairing changes|pg|| pc|hJ|pc|h7|nt|davegalt: it's like watching a revolving door|pg|| pc|s9|pc|h5|pg|| mc|9|pg|| qx|o2|st||md|4SA3HKJT52D92CA762,SQT9842HAQ8DA5CQ8,SJ7H96DQT8764CK94,SK65H743DKJ3CJT53|sv|n|mb|p|nt|davegalt: allowing no overtrick on 1 looks good for NS|pg|| mb|1H|mb|1S|mb|p|mb|2S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|h9|pc|h3|pc|h2|pc|hQ|pg|| nt|davegalt: en route to 10 tricks here|pg|| pc|c8|pc|c4|pc|cT|pc|cA|pg|| pc|hK|nt|davegalt: double dummy|pg|| pc|hA|pc|h6|pc|h4|pg|| pc|cQ|pc|cK|pc|c3|pc|c2|pg|| pc|d8|pc|dK|pc|d9|nt|davegalt: forget about 10 tricks now tho apparently|pg|| pc|d5|pg|| pc|cJ|pc|c6|pc|h8|pc|c9|pg|| pc|s5|pc|s3|pc|sQ|pc|sJ|pg|| pc|sT|pc|s7|pc|s6|pc|sA|pg|| mc|10|nt|davegalt: well back to 10|pg|| nt|davegalt: I was following the winks from GIB but was not quickenough to analyze or type the possibilities|pg|| nt|davegalt: now we have our first update of the running scores|pg|| nt|davegalt:|pg|| pg|| qx|o3|st||md|1SAQT76HJ6DKT97CK9,S9532HAT9853D8CT5,SK8H7DQJ54CA87642,SJ4HKQ42DA632CQJ3|sv|e|nt|davegalt: new set of 4 now here for rd 2|pg|| mb|1S|mb|p|mb|1N|mb|d|mb|2D|mb|3H|mb|4H|mb|p|mb|5D|nt|davegalt: EW who have been near the top most of the day, now at 8. For NS, double that, 16.|pg|| mb|p|mb|p|nt|davegalt: 26 pairs vying|pg|| mb|p|pc|hA|pc|h7|nt|davegalt: we have played about 40% of the total to be played|pg|| pc|hK|pc|h6|pg|| pc|h3|pc|d4|pc|h2|pc|hJ|pg|| pc|dQ|pc|d2|pc|d7|pc|d8|pg|| nt|davegalt: 3 rds of trump by decl will be too many|pg|| pc|sK|pc|s4|pc|s6|pc|s2|pg|| pc|s8|pc|sJ|pc|sA|pc|s3|pg|| nt|davegalt: from kib: 2nd round trumps, next 3 rounds clubs and made|pg|| pc|d9|pc|s5|pc|d5|pc|d3|pg|| mc|10|nt|davegalt: however even GIB saw it differently, and we are down 1|pg|| pg|| qx|o4|st||md|2SKT87632HADAQ87CT,SQ4HKJ87DT2CAK875,S9HQ532DKJ65CQJ96,SAJ5HT964D943C432|sv|b|mb|2C|mb|p|mb|2N|mb|3S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|cA|pc|c6|pc|c2|pc|cT|pg|| pc|dT|pc|dK|pc|d3|pc|d7|pg|| pc|s9|pc|s5|pc|sK|pc|s4|pg|| pc|sT|pc|sQ|pc|h2|pc|sA|pg|| mc|10|pg|| qx|o5|st||md|3ST7H532DQJ9432C93,SKQHQ964DTCAKJT74,SAJ982H87DK76C852,S6543HAKJTDA85CQ6|sv|n|mb|p|mb|1C|mb|p|mb|2C!|mb|p|mb|2N|mb|p|mb|3H|mb|p|mb|4D|nt|davegalt: happy slam time for EW now|pg|| mb|d|mb|p|mb|p|mb|r|mb|p|mb|4N|mb|p|mb|5D|mb|p|mb|6H|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|davegalt: oops, running score now has every pair listed twice!|pg|| nt|davegalt:|pg|| pc|d6|pc|dA|pc|d2|pc|dT|pg|| pc|d5|pc|d3|pc|h4|pc|d7|pg|| pc|h6|pc|h7|pc|hA|pc|h2|pg|| pc|d8|pc|d4|pc|h9|pc|dK|pg|| pc|hQ|pc|h8|mc|12|nt|davegalt: all the tricks, no?|pg|| pg|| qx|o6|st||md|4SAT5432H42DA97CJ8,S7HQJT5DKQ84CAT62,SKQJ6HAK8DT62C974,S98H9763DJ53CKQ53|sv|e|nt|ritong: hi there|pg|| mb|p|nt|davegalt: now so scored :)|pg|| mb|2S|mb|d|mb|4S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|hQ|mc|9|nt|davegalt: welcome Henri|pg|| nt|ritong: whatever the opening lead is, nine tricks|pg|| nt|davegalt: this session 16 boards, so 10 more. then a short break and another 16.|pg|| nt|davegalt:|pg|| nt|davegalt: the doubled naming is now gone from the running score|pg|| nt|davegalt: here pairs currently ranked 18 and 26 confront each other|pg|| nt|davegalt: as they await the arrival of new boards|pg|| nt|davegalt: or could be a break to gather some flowers ...|pg|| pg|| qx|o7|st||md|1ST973HAJ92DQT76CQ,SA64H84DJ53CA9865,S8HT63DAK984CJ743,SKQJ52HKQ75D2CKT2|sv|b|mb|p|mb|p|mb|1D|mb|1S|mb|d|mb|2H|mb|p|nt|davegalt: oh, here we go|pg|| mb|3C|mb|3D|nt|davegalt: 1@D promises possession of 13 cards ...|pg|| mb|4S|nt|ritong: perhaps some tapping issues in this spot|pg|| nt|davegalt: 4@S looks like it could get cut down with @D perserverance|pg|| mb|5D|mb|d|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|ritong: but mr bernal has other ideas|pg|| pc|d2|pc|d6|pc|d3|pc|d8|pg|| pc|h3|pc|hK|pc|hA|pc|h4|pg|| pc|d7|pc|d5|pc|dK|pc|s5|pg|| pc|c3|pc|cK|pc|cQ|pc|c5|pg|| pc|sK|pc|s3|nt|davegalt: this heading for -500, remotely more|pg|| pc|sA|pc|s8|pg|| pc|h8|pc|h6|pc|hQ|pc|h2|pg|| pc|h5|mc|9|pg|| qx|o8|st||md|2SAJH63DKQJ62CJ864,SQT9HAT87542D743C,SK8652HKJD85CQ752,S743HQ9DAT9CAKT93|sv|o|mb|p|mb|p|mb|1C|mb|1D|nt|ritong: wot ?|pg|| mb|2D|mb|2S|nt|davegalt: many 7-card heart suits today, as I recall|pg|| nt|ritong: no one passes west hand nowadays|pg|| mb|3H|mb|3S|mb|4C!|mb|p|nt|davegalt: this sequence helps S find @SA lead|pg|| nt|ritong: eggeling might be disappointed she did not expect three @ss with her pard|pg|| mb|4H|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|dK|nt|davegalt: without @S lead, discard 2@D and corral @SJ|pg|| pc|d3|pc|d8|pc|dA|pg|| pc|cA|pc|c4|pc|d4|nt|davegalt: nevermind ...|pg|| pc|c2|pg|| pc|cK|pc|c6|pc|d7|pc|c5|pg|| nt|ritong: entries are not numerous though|pg|| nt|davegalt: yep so near, yet so far|pg|| pc|hQ|pc|h3|pc|h2|pc|hK|pg|| nt|ritong: and the @s ruff is back|pg|| pc|s2|pc|s3|pc|sA|pc|s9|pg|| pc|sJ|pc|sQ|pc|sK|pc|s4|pg|| pc|s5|pc|s7|pc|h6|pc|sT|pg|| mc|9|nt|ritong: she expected one more trump, one less @s|pg|| nt|ritong: 4@c was in case they compete, want a @c lead|pg|| nt|davegalt: names duplicated again on the running scores page, but they may also be gone at next look|pg|| nt|davegalt:|pg|| nt|ritong: pace is ok i am not keen on talking in matchpoints events, in general|pg|| nt|ritong: because the awaiting between two rounds is geberally harsh|pg|| nt|davegalt: new names here again, waiting for the boards|pg|| pg|| qx|o9|st||md|3SJT943HKQJ97D2CA6,S82H863DQT973CK97,SHA42DA8654CJ8432,SAKQ765HT5DKJCQT5|sv|e|nt|ritong: and the players, presumably|pg|| nt|ritong: i suspect train has programmed the names|pg|| mb|1D|nt|davegalt:|pg|| nt|ritong: traian*|pg|| mb|1S|nt|davegalt: list now behaving itself|pg|| nt|davegalt: NS are 3rd on it|pg|| mb|2C|mb|p|mb|2H|nt|davegalt: EW are 6|pg|| mb|2S|mb|d|mb|p|mb|3H|mb|p|nt|ritong: not clear doubling would be for business here|pg|| mb|4H|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|sA|pc|s3|pc|s2|pc|h2|pg|| nt|ritong: GiB says sabine has a making line, here|pg|| pc|dA|pc|dJ|pc|d2|pc|d3|pg|| pc|d4|pc|dK|pc|h7|pc|d7|pg|| pc|s4|pc|s8|pc|h4|pc|s5|pg|| pc|d5|nt|ritong: six tricks laft|pg|| nt|ritong: then GiB has it right|pg|| nt|ritong: :)|pg|| pc|s6|pc|h9|pc|d9|pg|| pc|s9|pc|c7|pc|hA|pc|s7|pg|| pc|c3|pc|c5|pc|cA|pc|c9|pg|| mc|10|pg|| qx|o10|st||md|4SK98752HK72DJ72C8,ST3HD96CKJT976542,SAHAQ964DQ854CAQ3,SQJ64HJT853DAKT3C|sv|b|mb|1H|mb|p|mb|p|nt|ritong: amazing start|pg|| nt|ritong: i m not sure i believe it|pg|| nt|davegalt: Roy quiet|pg|| mb|p|nt|ritong: lol|pg|| pc|c8|nt|ritong: incredible running|pg|| nt|ritong: guess they are all laughing out seeing the dummy|pg|| pc|c9|pc|cQ|pc|h3|pg|| nt|davegalt: W has some clubs mixed in with the spades probably|pg|| pc|s4|pc|s2|pc|sT|pc|sA|pg|| pc|d4|pc|dA|pc|d2|pc|d6|pg|| pc|sQ|pc|sK|pc|s3|pc|d5|pg|| pc|s9|pc|c2|pc|h4|pc|s6|pg|| pc|d8|pc|dK|pc|d7|pc|d9|pg|| pc|sJ|pc|s5|pc|c4|pc|h6|pg|| pc|dQ|pc|d3|pc|dJ|pc|c5|pg|| pc|cA|pc|hJ|pc|s7|pc|c6|pg|| pc|h5|pc|h2|pc|c7|pc|h9|pg|| pc|c3|pc|h8|pc|s8|pc|cT|pg|| pc|dT|mc|5|nt|davegalt: declarer reeling in 5 tricks did very well|pg|| nt|ritong: if the report is ok|pg|| nt|ritong: i have my doubts|pg|| nt|davegalt: seems like S has no choice but overruffing with K, so, dunno|pg|| pg|| qx|o11|st||md|1SA43HAT2DQJ74CQ98,SJ95HKJ763D98CJ63,S2HQ54DT65CAKT752,SKQT876H98DAK32C4|sv|o|nt|davegalt: on the trick prior to the one showing|pg|| nt|davegalt: anyway, a new lineup for the next rd|pg|| mb|1C!|mb|p|mb|3C|mb|3S|nt|davegalt: pairs here are 21 and 23 in the standings (out of 26)|pg|| nt|ritong: difficult decision for bessis|pg|| mb|p|mb|p|nt|davegalt:|pg|| nt|ritong: i would do that, fwiw|pg|| mb|p|pc|c9|pc|cJ|pc|cK|pc|c4|pg|| pc|d5|pc|dA|pc|d4|pc|d8|pg|| nt|davegalt: the club play reveals the location of the @H honors|pg|| pc|dK|pc|d7|pc|d9|pc|d6|pg|| pc|d2|pc|dJ|pc|s9|pc|dT|pg|| pc|c3|pc|cA|pc|s6|pc|c8|pg|| pc|d3|pc|dQ|pc|sJ|pc|c2|pg|| pc|s5|pc|s2|pc|sK|pc|sA|pg|| mc|9|nt|ritong: now w ere down to the @h guess|pg|| nt|ritong: i d wager bernard gets it right :)|pg|| nt|davegalt: no guess as N had @CAK|pg|| pg|| qx|o12|st||md|2SQT72HA872DT32CT9,SJ9HKJ5DKQJ65CKQJ,SA863HQDA987CA765,SK54HT9643D4C8432|sv|n|nt|ritong: yes, it is a serious hint lol|pg|| mb|1N|nt|davegalt: kibz like NT partial by NS instead or even 3NT -1 rather than yielding 140|pg|| mb|d!|mb|2D|nt|davegalt: but hard for them to stop EW from competing to 3@S no matter what|pg|| mb|2S|mb|3H|mb|3S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|dK|nt|davegalt: 3@H was in fair peril|pg|| pc|d7|pc|d4|pc|d2|pg|| nt|davegalt: but N suspected 9-card fir there for EW|pg|| pc|sJ|nt|davegalt: fit*|pg|| nt|ritong: looks sound to raise @ss|pg|| nt|ritong: south has bid freely|pg|| pc|s3|pc|sK|pc|s2|pg|| pc|hT|pc|hA|nt|davegalt: not being at all critical, just mentioning @H might not work out that well for EW|pg|| pc|h5|pc|hQ|pg|| pc|h2|pc|hJ|pc|s6|pc|h3|pg|| pc|sA|pc|s4|pc|s7|pc|s9|pg|| pc|s8|pc|s5|pc|sT|pc|d5|pg|| nt|ritong: one light|pg|| pc|d3|pc|d6|pc|d8|pc|h4|pg|| pc|c5|pc|c2|pc|c9|pc|cJ|pg|| nt|ritong: same diiference|pg|| pc|hK|pc|c6|pc|h6|pc|h7|pg|| nt|ritong: one less @d, one more @h|pg|| pc|dJ|pc|dA|pc|c3|pc|dT|pg|| mc|8|nt|ritong:|pg|| pg|| qx|o13|st||md|3SJ9873HT3DKQ642CT,SAK6HAQJDT87CAQJ4,SQ52H74DAJ95C9873,ST4HK98652D3CK652|sv|b|mb|p|mb|2D!|mb|p|mb|2N|mb|p|mb|3D!|mb|d|nt|davegalt: do EW have the slam mechanisms here?|pg|| mb|p|mb|p|mb|4D|nt|davegalt: Dbl affords extra bids to opps|pg|| mb|p|mb|6H|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|davegalt: et voila la mechanisme|pg|| pc|dA|pc|d3|pc|d2|pc|d7|pg|| mc|12|nt|davegalt: of course the 4@D bid could still be availale without the dbl|pg|| pg|| qx|o14|st||md|4SAQHJT3DT983CKT72,S92HKQ5DAQ542CAQ3,SKJ7543H986DJC854,ST86HA742DK76CJ96|sv|o|mb|p|mb|p|mb|1N|mb|2D!|mb|d|mb|3H|mb|p|mb|p|mb|d|mb|p|nt|davegalt: one more rd here, then short break before the last set of 16 boards|pg|| mb|3N|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|s3|nt|davegalt: I am a little taken aback by the bids here ...|pg|| pc|s6|pc|sA|pc|s2|pg|| pc|sQ|pc|s9|pc|sK|pc|s8|pg|| pc|sJ|pc|sT|mc|7|nt|davegalt: 1 rd left here, next session soon, I may get in it for part :) thx those who stopped by, very nice event|pg|| pg|| qx|o15|st||md|1SQJHA532DAQT84CT8,SA8753HT876DK3CK3,ST9642HK9DJ9CA654,SKHQJ4D7652CQJ972|sv|n|nt|davegalt: and for this last rd we have the event leaders sitting NS, and EW are now at spot 9|pg|| mb|1D|mb|1S|mb|1N|mb|d|mb|r|mb|2H|mb|p|mb|p|nt|davegalt: Uhh, could be quite a parlay for NS to be at the peak of this event too when it ends, they won in the teams :)|pg|| mb|d|mb|p|mb|2N|mb|p|nt|davegalt: whole bowl of snap, crackle, and pop in this auction|pg|| mb|p|mb|p|pc|hQ|nt|davegalt: and indications for now are plus EW|pg|| pc|h2|pc|h8|pc|hK|pg|| pc|dJ|pc|d7|pc|d4|pc|dK|pg|| pc|h6|pc|h9|pc|hJ|pc|h3|pg|| pc|h4|pc|hA|pc|h7|pc|c4|pg|| nt|ritong: possible @s crash|pg|| pc|sJ|pc|sA|nt|ritong: oy|pg|| pc|s2|pc|sK|pg|| pc|hT|nt|davegalt: smashup|pg|| pc|s4|pc|d2|pc|h5|pg|| pc|cK|pc|cA|pc|c2|pc|c8|pg|| nt|ritong: claim 8 gawrys|pg|| mc|8|nt|ritong: do not let them suffer|pg|| pg|| qx|o16|st||md|2SAK2H943DA874CQ98,ST763HJT852DK5CK3,SQJ95HKQ7DQ2CJT42,S84HA6DJT963CA765|sv|e|nt|ritong: thank you|pg|| nt|davegalt: he listens to you Henri|pg|| mb|p|mb|p|nt|ritong: i suggest reasonable options...|pg|| mb|p|mb|1C|mb|p|mb|1S|mb|p|mb|1N|mb|p|nt|ritong: gawrys an old rival we were juniors at the same time his cursus is miles beyond mine, though|pg|| mb|2N|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|h5|pc|hK|pc|h6|pc|h3|pg|| nt|ritong: his nickname was " diabolik" in these happy times|pg|| nt|ritong: 40 years ago|pg|| pc|s5|pc|s4|pc|sK|pc|s3|pg|| nt|davegalt: Diabolique famous French film|pg|| pc|c8|pc|c3|pc|cT|nt|ritong: "les diaboliques", yes|pg|| nt|davegalt: ah, yes there were 2 ot them in on it|pg|| nt|ritong: a film from clouzot great didector|pg|| pc|cA|pg|| pc|dJ|pc|d4|pc|dK|pc|d2|pg|| pc|d5|pc|dQ|pc|d3|pc|d7|pg|| pc|c2|pc|c5|pc|cQ|pc|cK|pg|| pc|hJ|pc|h7|pc|hA|pc|h4|pg|| mc|9|nt|ritong: all right this set is done|pg|| pg|| 富二代精品国产app