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Your Favourite Bridge Book

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Posted 2020-November-01, 12:30

View PostFelicityR, on 2019-September-16, 05:02, said:

Only occasionally do I buy a new bridge book as there are plenty to pick up from charity shops, secondhand booksellers and eBay. However, I am really glad I found this one by accident as it is very instructive and funny, too.

Master of Bridge Psychology by Jeppe Juhl and Peter Fredin.

It deserves to be a bridge bestseller. Having read the book, I can conclude that Peter Fredin is the Scandinavian equivalent of Zia Mahmood, not only an excellent bridge player but a larger-than-life character too.

I will try to buy that book (Amazon?). I have lots of favourite books. The oldest is Elimination by Roger Trez閘 in Swedish, Jannersten Bridgebibliotek. I was a young and eager player working for a while in Sweden years ago. I bought many bridge books and this was one of them. This was one of my first "advanced" view of how to play. Last week I played a classic "elimination och inpetning" 4 .

Then some years later I was visiting London and of course a book shop. I opened a bridge book just to look at it. On page 13: Oscar the Owl, senior kibitzer at the Griffins: 'Curious hand. Both sides can make 4 hearts.' Peregrine the Penguin, senior kibitzer at the Unicorns: 'A technician is a man who knows exactly what to do the moment he has done something else.' Of course I bought it and many others. Victor Mollo is still my favourite bridge writer, both Menagerie and serious-minded books.

Mike Lawrence books on overcalling and balancing are also my favourite books. The last to mention is "Bid Against the Masters. The Best of Bidding Forum." by Keith McNeil & Terence Reese. Deals from Bidding Forum in Australian Bridge. It contains a lot of McNeil's (sometimes brilliant) comments to expert players' answers of bidding problems and a Sum Up from Terence Reese to every deal.

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Posted 2020-November-01, 23:23

 haka9, on 2020-November-01, 12:30, said:

Then some years later I was visiting London and of course a book shop.

I spent the last three years of my Navy career at HMS Centurion in Gosport, across the water from Portsmouth. During that time I bought a good chunk of my current bridge library at Foyle's in London. Fun bookstore, that was. B-)
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