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9stan1234's Photo 9stan1234  Viewing Topic:   Recent Hands / Play History 2020-July-07, 20:02
akwoo's Photo akwoo  Viewing Topic:   Has U.S. Democracy Been Trumped? 2020-July-07, 19:54
armantt2k's Photo armantt2k  Viewing Topic:   How to Assign a Procedural Penalty 2020-July-07, 20:06
ddrankin's Photo ddrankin  Viewing Forum:   International Bridge Laws Forum (IBLF) 2020-July-07, 19:57
dond01's Photo dond01  Viewing Topic:   What would you bid? 2020-July-07, 19:45
jnichols's Photo jnichols  Viewing Forum:   BBO Tournament Directors Forum 2020-July-07, 19:46
johnu's Photo johnu  Viewing Topic:   Why aren't the names autoset in the tables 2020-July-07, 20:01
McBruce's Photo McBruce  Viewing Board Index 2020-July-07, 19:42
neilkaz's Photo neilkaz  Viewing Board Index 2020-July-07, 19:50
nige1's Photo nige1  Viewing Topic:   A slam I didn't make 2020-July-07, 20:09
pilowsky's Photo pilowsky  Viewing Board Index 2020-July-07, 20:08
Povratnik's Photo Povratnik  Viewing Board Index 2020-July-07, 20:08
sfi's Photo sfi  Viewing Board Index 2020-July-07, 19:53
smerriman's Photo smerriman  Viewing Topic:   What would you bid? 2020-July-07, 19:43
watengr's Photo watengr  Viewing Board Index 2020-July-07, 19:37

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